Hussein Obama in White House with President-elect; Donald J Trump

By Ifeanyi Chijioke ■ Writes for TBP
December 22, 2016 ■ @Biafrapost

I waited patiently before writing this untutored article of mine; this piece shall not be a direct one, I intend to passing it through Donald Trump, my reason for passing it through him is to mark the kind of problem Obama subjected America within a period of eight years and Donald Trump is here to make America Great Again. To make America Great Again will deal more with correcting too many errors and failings of Obama’s administration.

I was still in suspense over the ‘Oval Office’ even as Nov8 had decided for Donald; I am not conversant with Electoral College so I was told Donald can still be stopped. I don’t want to suffer the tension I found myself prior to Nov8; so I had to wait until Donald is certified- to write this. Now he is certified; I can kick any ass that comes close to me and I can boast that terrorists in Nigeria will not terrorize and kill over 150 Biafrans again. A new Sherriff is in town and Court orders will be obeyed; terrorism will seize, human rights and peace will be restored.

It would be fair I feign ignorance of sentiment; I have found my voice even though in Nigeria terrorism is a culture and what the Government found as a tool. Islam cannot be separated from terrorism; this is why Muhammed Buhari terrorizes the people of Biafra because they want to determine their political future and the rest. I am also a victim of the Islamic State sponsored terrorism in Nigeria; a situation Obama’s administration brought upon me.

Media might have been bought or sufficiently paid; no matter how you attack me for this simple truth, it can’t contradict the fact that Obama is being painted a false color. Recently; discussing the legacy of Obama, this ‘noun’ in question told the world that everything is all good with Obama. They failed to critically assess things or give verdict; they believe that he needs that lifting for purpose only them know.

Somebody would look back and say that the chance given to a black to rule America for the first time failed woefully; yes, as a black writing this piece, I want to make clear that the failure is not hereditary or racial. Blacks are wise and wiser than what you think; Obama cannot be the allegory of the Black race, you can turn to Nnamdi Kanu, for my heritage. We have blacks in America that can run the government more lovely and excellently than anyone you could imagine.

By writing this piece; it is also clear or setting the record straight that there was a mistake which we are all aware of and this means such mistake cannot be repeated. If a Black is given another chance to rule; he would be more welcomed and excellently marked. Obama cannot be used to score blacks; for the purpose of emphasis, this piece clearly depicts that there is room for significant improvement or quest to perfection. As a black and establishing this ground; let it be noted that blacks can do greater than what Obama misused.

Clinton clearly lost the election because she did not stand off Obama; she allowed Obama to be so involved which caused fears that she might carry on with his legacy. In a country people needed change due to failure; Clinton should have known better that the status quo is a threat. Americans are not stupid to carry on with Obama; you will agree with me that America shares same view with me. the verdict of 8th November means I am as correct as anything; don’t judge me by what few persons said on the mainstream TV but what Americans did.

Obama would look back and see that the economy that was handed over to him to heal could not be healed; he chose to plant an Islamic fanatic that is now on a killing spree in Nigeria over standing a stronger and healthy American economy. He took the money he could have used for infrastructure to sponsor Nigerian election that produced Buhari. He also lost the attempt to impose one in Israel; Obama is a man that left the fundamental need of Americans for some international selfish interest. That is one legacy they failed to talk about; the legacy of Islamic agenda.

In Syria; Obama made a weak decision that saw loss of thousands of lives and later failed to Assad; this is a legacy that pains and reminds Americans of their fading superiority. This can generally be classified under poor timing and tactless call; a quality a good leader should not lack. No matter the argument you place before me; it cannot win the fact that America’s super power position is threatened. In other words; Obama is leaving a diminished America and making America Great Again is the most revered call ever made by a sensible human.

For the first time in history; America is crying that they are helpless against a person; I could not help but pity Americans that their President admitted the control of America by Russia. This came to worse when their President told the whole world that Russia decided for all Americans. This is the lowest America has come in years; the time Obama could have used to make America strong, he used it for promoting Islamic Governments that left America vulnerable. You can deceive yourself that the legacy of Obama is priceless; but to me, I see it as mocking blacks the more.

America’s electoral system lost its integrity under Obama; the values of America are badly touched, it is a sad thing that under a black man; electoral system that has been known for integrity came under doubt, such that emanated from the camp of the President. Obama and those that called to paint a so-called legacy have done more harm. Obama as a black is more loved and protected by me; for whom I see criticism as a strong device towards perfection.

Finally; I will not take eternity on this, America is deeply divided, a thing that is unique to the United States of America. America is on the street fighting and rejecting her value; a thing inspired by Obama who could have changed the ugly trend. Everything that followed this election can only be attributed to the carelessness of the number one man of America.

You will agree with me that Donald Trump is calling for cohesive America; for the America we used to know and this is because everything has fallen apart under Obama. I will not hold any other person responsible because as the President; Obama has the power to cause a change. If China can boldly seize underwater drone belonging to America; Obama gave them the impetus. If the economy is bad; Obama is responsible for it. If America is falling apart and divided; Obama is responsible for it. If Donald Trump will make Obama know all these; then he can learn to correct everything and touch a few and America will be great again.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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