Part of photo evidence presented by AI as part of the report on Biafrans' killings by Buhari's government

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
December 03, 2016

A  controversial Nigerian Journalist who once strongly campaigned against abuse of human rights of the Indigenous People of Biafra but was subsequently lobbied and induced by the Government to drop her campaign and stay on the side of the Government rose today being 2nd of December 2016  to mock the report by Amnesty International and described it as inconsequential. ‘The Amnesty report doesn’t bother our Government” she said.

Nigerian Journalists are widely known for their inconsistence in executing a campaign; in most cases, they fell to turn down financial inducement which subsequently seal their lips or rather buy them over. The case of Kemi Olunloye is blatant because she had vigorously campaigned against crime against humanity on the people of Biafra. She even held an online referendum which according to her, Biafra won, but only to disregard her integrity and succumbed to financial inducement.

Kemi Olunloye has been described as mentally disordered woman but which she denied; the suspicion of mental illness is beginning to draw attention once more for her position on Amnesty International Report. It is believed that a right thinking person would not put politics or her government contract over human life. Amnesty International is about respecting innocent murdered people irrespective of their heritage or political view hence they are peaceful and lawful.

In defense of the Government she quickly backed the decision to deny Nnamdi Kanu bail and assured that her government would continue to hold Nnamdi Kanu, and warned confidently that if anyone comes out to demonstrate his or her dissatisfaction or agitate- will be killed by her darling Government.

She further warned that the military operation launched in Eastern part of Biafra tagged Operation Python dance is to check Biafrans and shoot at sight if anyone is seen in support of Biafra or with Biafran accessories. Indicating that is the Christmas gift from her government to the people of Biafra; she proudly posited.

She further mocked Jonathan and the political class in Eastern Nigeria who watched the Government butcher innocent people without taking up a political fight; telling them that the Army killed Northern people (Boko Haram) in GEJ regime and now is Biafran’s turn to be killed. This is exactly what Nigeria has turned into, a killing field and this calls for urgent dissolution.

She failed not to talk about the resoluteness of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra who has refused everything given to him to forfeit his agitation. She also accused Nnamdi Kkanu of being a terrorist; a charge he was acquitted of in 2015. While the people of Biafra will take her position as that of the Government by virtue of being a contractor; it would be wise not to write off her position on the basis that she is mentally ill.

Below is her position;

“This Christmas, the Nigerian military has launched #OperationPython. “Try to agitate and they will SIMPLY KILL YOU. The Amnesty report doesn’t bother our government.

“Even your GEJ watched the army kill boys and men in #Borno state with no accountability. “Stay at home and enjoy your families. #NnamdiKanu aint coming out soon.

“The only two people that could have done that are the Igbo leaders who are not united and the #British government who support Aso Rock in labeling Kanu an alleged terrorist, which I believe, after calling for mass murder of Nigerians on his radio show.

“Na by force? #BiafraOrDeath killed his case. “He brainwashed you, he paid for it! I warned you, you ignored me. “He was offered freedom in exchange for ending agitation and he refused. One year old child in UK and wasting his family life,” she added.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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