Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; IPOB Leader, at Abuja High Court

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
December 02, 2016

In the entire African continent Nnamdi Kanu was the first man to come publicly to say- Obama is a Muslim; not only did he call him a Muslim, he criticized him and shredded him to nothing, warning humanity that the worst thing that would happen to us is if Hillary Clinton succeeds Obama. He vividly cited that Clinton will support genetic food just as they accepted homosexual.

Nnamdi Kanu made this declaration when Radio Biafra was world trending Radio Station; tune-in statistic shows that Radio Biafra is the world most listened Radio Station by the time this statement was credited to Nnamdi Kanu and by contrast; Nnamdi Kanu did not only publicly called Obama a Muslim, he said that to the ears of the entire world.

The first day Nnamdi Kanu called Obama a Muslim; on coming back the next day for a Radio Biafra live broadcast, he disclosed that he had a lot of calls from America, Biafrans and Americans called, cautioning him to denounce or stop and apologize for such statement. In response; he clearly made it clear that he is not afraid of anybody but would audibly preach the gospel.

Then again he said ‘Obama is Muslim; watch all his policies- all his policies in one way or another supported Islam’. He declined the calls and continued to audibly and courageously say that Obama is a Muslim. That was how the ‘Muslim’ tag festered and till date; it is still an issue in America and an issue that cost Obama’s Democrat the Christian votes.

That ‘Muslim’ tag in one way or another reduced Obama’s influence in America and Clinton who promised to carry on with Obama’s legacies was maximally voted out by America Christians. The bottom line was that Christians don’t want Obama again and Clinton as a product of Obama paid dearly.

The passion for Republicans started not today when it comes to Nnamdi Kanu; he has so much supported the Republican Party and even when Donald Trump of Republicans clinched the Oval office, Nnamdi Kanu did not hesitate to send a congratulatory letter, the first he has diplomatically done since championing Biafra restoration project.

Indirectly; Nnamdi Kanu fought for the emergence of Republican President hence Social media played a remarkable role in electing Donald Trump. The Indigenous People of Biafra who are the greatest online family in history of social media; did very much in following the campaign train of Donald Trump and circulating truth as mainstream media won’t circulate such truth due to bias.

In conclusion of Obama’s regime; Nnamdi Kanu quickly predicted that if care is not taken that Obama might be the last African-American President having made useless the opportunity given to a Black-American. He was of the opinion that had Obama done well; promoted peace and human right than overthrowing and imposing governments, building infrastructure and economy of America which would have substituted imperialism, that America would have missed a Black President when he might have gone.

In all fairness; Obama failed humanity and failed African continent, he failed Americans and he failed every single man that anchored trust on him. He failed to the extent that Clinton managed America when he is the chief manager. He failed to the extent that with Clinton’s private Email; she managed America and diminished Obama’s influence. He failed to the extent that Christians became a prey in the hands of terrorists. He failed to the extent that Boko Haram kill Christians, burn Churches and yet are released from detention and financially reinforced by Buhari with the money he gives him. Indeed; he failed to the extent that the man he imposed on Nigerians abuse human right; murder Christian-Biafrans on their praying ground. That same man has illegally imprisoned Nnamdi Kanu and believes that Nigerian sovereignty is a warrant of destruction.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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