Justice Binta Nyako

By Chinenye Chukwu
14 December, 2016

Justice Binta Nyako was too crafty from her
ruling today (13/12/16) which depicts the level at which the judiciary has been hijacked with the executive meddling in her affairs of who gets justice or not. Justice Binta Nyako have finally decided to tread the path of shame and suspense which will definitely dent her image in the legal field among her colleagues; thus she will be referred to as that "Public Corrupt Judge" who in her quest for greed bastardized the legal profession.

I will advice her to learn very fast from her
fellow bench members who had effectively
discharge this case as lacking merit; yet she sees her herself as a political puppet doing the bid of his tyrant master Buhari in Aso Rock. Justice Binta Nyako has shown her true self on this day; she has finally made her points clear and stood on her grounds by granting Buhari's wish of allowing masked shielded witness(es) against a man that the executive accused in the open. This is an affront to justice anywhere in the world.

Injustice to one is injustice to all. We demand that humanity should wade in this matter as it has become obvious that Justice Binta Nyako and tyrant Buhari had perfected plans from the outcome of the evil trial that will commence soonest to jail an innocent man whose only sin committed was asking for the freedom of his people through the United Nations charter.
Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice
everywhere. The judiciary arm of government is know to stand for truth, justice and Equity; but the system in the contraption called Nigeria is already a failure to humanity. Injustice is now their core requisite to remain unmolested or kidnapped by the executive on frivolous corrupt assumption charges which has made it an effective tools for the judges to be playing Buhari's dictatorial script of jailing Nnamdi Kanu either by hook or crook.

The fear of this intimidation of Judges played out when Mazi Nnamdi Kanu appeared in court today for the ruling pronouncement for the prayer of the Federal government to use masked witnesses to testify against Nnamdi Kanu. However, to fulfil the already prepared script by Buhari's government, Justice Binta Nyako granted the federal government request to allow mask witnesses. Recall that Buhari had given order that no court will grant Mazi Kanu bail. Nigeria as a member of the Commonwealth countries has failed the International community on the norms and culture of upholding to her membership; and never in history has a mask witess allowed to testify against a person in the Law court but today Nigeria judiciary has proved to the world their
unprofessionalism in the case of Nnamdi kanu.

It is against this backdrop that we demand
without misconstruing facts that Justice Binta Nyako should step down or Nnamdi Kanu will never go to the court to answer her evil until justice is done. We do not know where this secret trial emanated from and as such we must fight it without looking back to the tide should this injustice is allowed to prevail.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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