By Ifeanyi Chijioke ■ Twitter: @Biafrapost
December 14, 2016

This is one of the things we heard at the end of the Court hearing where Buhari’s sister upheld secret trial. She won’t be disgraced that his brother Muhammed Buhari has rubbished the sanctity of the Court. From disobeying Court orders to establishing illegality and injustice as a trademark of the Court; this madness needs resistance or everyone goes mad to balance the new way of life.

The injustices and this madness in the Court or Judiciary are simply because; indirectly, Buhari is the one presiding. He had said in his maiden media chat that he would not release Nnamdi Kanu and like a drama; the Court did not grant Nnamdi Kanu bail and the one that granted him bail was shown contempt. It is very understandable seeing Buhari as a mad man because he is about to break that fragile trend, the kind of crisis that will hit Nigeria if people decide to resist injustice through force of arm to balance Buhari’s military will be immense.

Firstly; Buhari is a mad man-octogenarian, he cannot jail Nnamdi Kanu or try him in secret, and he has to kill over 70 million Biafrans to have his way. He has been killing Biafrans but over a thousand of them killed so far is not worth a way for him. Before he illegally jails Nnamdi Kanu; he has to up his genocide and kill all of them. As long as one Biafran is alive; Nnamdi Kanu will not be tried in secret and neither will he be jailed. It takes a mad man to think that Nnamdi Kanu the leader of over 70 million Biafran fanatics will be tried unjustly, secretly and illegally jailed.

Tell Buhari that he is mad; tell that octogenarian that the last thing that will happen is for heaven to fall on earth. Tell him that what it would cause or lead to is another civil war; tell him that as he continues to kill Biafrans, people might decide to defend themselves someday against IPOB’s culture of peace and common sense. Tell him that he is a mad man; an extra-ordinary mad man, his madness is without measure. It takes a mad man to think he can illegally or unjustly jail Nnamdi Kanu, a leader of ‘religious, fanatical, dedicated’ freedom fighters.

The junior sister to Buhari who took over from Justice John Tsoho has once more reassured the world that Buhari controls the Court and everything therein. This is why Buhari would flout one order and choose to obey the other order and his sister overlooks it.

The most important thing to me right now is to make sure the message passed to Buhari reaches him; he wants to jail Nnamdi Kanu by all means and any Court ruling that is not in line with his wish is disobeyed while the one that goes according to his wish is upheld. The trial Judge, Binta Nyako who is the sister of Buhari would constantly note to us that Buhari has right to his view or say what he wants.

I want anyone that would pass this message to Buhari to endeavor to take it to him in a way he would understand properly. When you meet Buhari and tell him that he is mad; he may get angry and maybe order his sister to conduct a secret trial and jail you for corruption as he already knows all Nigerians are corrupt.

For trying to invoke secret trial when you made all your accusations against Nnamdi Kanu in the public can only be possible when someone is mentally imbalanced. This mad octogenarian in his maiden media chat made all his accusations and submissions. All of a sudden; he is after secret trial, his madness knows no bound. For this reason; please tell Buhari that he is mad.

You have not jailed corrupt Nigerians despite everything you swore to fight corruption; a man that has never touched Nigerian money or knows any form of corruption in Nigeria is your priority for jail. It can only take a mad man to attempt to jail a saint when sinners are all over the street and committing more sins.

For changing the law or making a new law; it can only take a mad man to come in this 21st century globalization has taken hold to make or change laws. Nigeria practices common law which forbids secret trial; one you secretly try is one you have condemned. Go and tell Buhari that he is mad for ordering a secret trial that is not possible as long as Commonwealth- law is concerned.

For flouting the Court order that mandated him to release Nnamdi Kanu and thinking that his overtaken Judges will stand or their illegal ruling will stand is the peak of the madness in question. For his secret trial ruling to stand; he must obey the first Court ruling that released Nnamdi Kanu or else the Court is scrambled and might or techniques decide things. For thinking Nnamdi Kanu will subject to illegal Court ruling; go and tell Buhari that he is mad.

For arresting and struggling to imprison a peaceful and lawful activist; Buhari is mad to have kept thinking this is a military regime. His madness knows no bound; despite he travels like a rare mad man, he has failed to observe or see that self determination is a sacred right of Indigenous People as observed all over the world. It would take a mad man to try to jail Nnamdi Kanu when in Britain agitation for referendum is going on; in USA, California is nursing that. In Spain; Catalonia is making moves in that direction and all over the world, political leaders respect such lawful act.

Tell Muhammed Buhari that he is mad; his madness is only driving him towards secret trial and subsequent jailing of Nnamdi Kanu. Tell the mad octogenarian that UN 2007 declaration on the rights of Indigenous People gave legal backing to agitation for sovereign Biafra. It would take madness for anyone to try and jail a peaceful and lawful activist through secret trial.

Tell Buhari that he is mad; this mad man is unaware that Donald Trump is in town, a new Sheriff that loves justice and put humanity before politics. This mad man is lacking a lot; he still thinks Obama is in power and he thinks sovereignty is warrant of injustice. Tell Buhari that he is mad; make it very clear to him that he is mad.

Buhari is mad and his madness is not a small one; he cannot jail Nnamdi Kanu because Nnamdi Kanu did not steal Nigerian money. Nnamdi Kanu did not kill anyone; he did not commit any crime known to any law. He is more a British man than a Nigerian; he has nothing to do with Nigeria and he is a Biafran. Tell Buhari that he cannot do anything to Nnamdi Kanu; man pass man and Eji ya offor.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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