Buhari is trying to perfect what he could not achieve via the Legistrators by using his Military to spread Islam in guise of military-cattle rearers

By Ifeanyi Chijoke ■ Writes for TBP
Twitter: @Biafrapost ■ December 23, 2016

This is not a joke because to anybody or people unaware of what is going on in Nigeria; the notion of training Soldiers on cattle rearing while terrorism is facing them is something extra-ordinarily funny. Just last week; the leadership of Nigerian Army announced that Soldiers will be sent to Argentina. The "coma" to the sentence made people quickly think the Soldiers will be sent for special training on counter-terrorism, National defense or preparation for a special duty. Disappointedly; when the sentence was completed; it knocked to everyone that Nigeria is indeed a cattle Republic.

Boko Haram remains a horror to the Nigerian military; the Military lack the capacity to contain them. I have argued severally that even though you 'gave' Nigerian Military all the nuclear war heads owned by Russia; they cannot win Boko Haram. The Soldiers are poorly trained and the recent recruitment pointed that only Northern people were enrolled making the Military a Northern institution. The crop of Soldiers in Nigerian Military is one whose bigotry reaches that of Buhari. They lack training that complements Soldiers because they were only thought how to shoot gun as basis of being a Soldier.

The expertise of Nigerian Military can be illustrated by their role in Biafra peaceful protests; where they perfectly targeted retreating or rather unarmed Indigenous People of Biafra. The way they shoot unarmed citizens cannot be equated to the way they fearfully engage armed Boko Haram. They deserve training as to know that their bullets are not meant for citizens but intruders.  They deserve training to know that unarmed people are not designed to be shot to death. The Nigerian Soldiers have a lot to learn in terms of their profession than taking the place of Fulani herdsmen and protecting or rearing cattle.

The Father of the Fulanis is in power and he is adamant to make sure everyone turns to Fulani; Buhari has herds of cattle and he wants more people to look after them. This is Cattle Republic and it is high time the Soldiers are sent abroad to learn how to protect cattle. While I mimic; I want to refresh your mind to what Buhari is all about and what Nigeria has become. I also want Obama and every single one of you that imposed Buhari to be disgraced. Today he sends Soldiers that are meant to protect the Nation to Argentina simply to protect cattle. This passes a singular message; that Buhari has value for cattle than he has for citizens; remarkably, he believes he controls cattle Republic of Nigeria.

Yes; when you assess further, you see that Nigeria is indeed a cattle Republic, in Nigeria; leaders go from one State to another looking for oil just like cattle go from place to place looking for green pasture. Nigerians are lazy just as cattle are lazy and helpless; Nigerians cannot produce anything to the point grasses are imported as much as cattle cannot produce anything. Nigerians watch injustice and killing of fellow human beings and say; it's alright as much as cattle do. Go on and list the features and there won’t be space to make sense of the caption.

On a second thought; could this as well be part of his Islamization agenda? I would not get lost to mimics; let us once more seriously evaluate Buhari’s transformation of Nigerian Soldiers into herdsmen. Herdsmen were rated the 4th most deadly terrorists in Africa and now we have a President officially making Soldiers Herdsmen by virtue of sending them abroad for training on cattle rearing. If this is not to foster terrorism and the activities of herdsmen; I fear it could be nothing but that. The Soldiers that are meant to protect citizens have been shifted to protecting cattle and rearing them with AK47. I therefore call on well meaning people of the world to closely monitor Buhari as he uses Army at his personal discretion.

A step further and you had asked; is the move aimed at forging a means to regain grazing bill through the military. Grazing bill was sufficiently fought by the people and even when one thinks it's over; the military is aiming to establish or launch grazing in all States. The information noted that ranches will be made for Soldiers to graze cattle and contribute to the economy of Nigeria just as Fulani Herdsmen contributes. There is so much to think of this move by Muhammed Buhari; a frog does not run in the noon for nothing hence we shall be wiser.

To Muhammed Buhari; as a Fulani man; cow is a sacred animal and should be treated to an honor; a man’s life is equal to a cow’s life and this can be proved by the numerous massacres of People of Biafra over the accusation of poisoning or killing a cow. The Nigerian Soldiers worth being trained to protect cattle but suffer and not given food or water or trained to protect human beings. In Arewa Nation; they could not protect people against Boko Haram. In Biafra; they massacre Biafrans and even left Fulani Herdsmen terrorists to kill at random. They have failed in all fronts but I bet you; they would succeed in cattle rearing and protection because Nigeria is a cattle Republic.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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