IPOB Leader awaits justice in Justice Binta's Court

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
02 November, 2016

I recently saw a group of Nigerian lawyers’ barricade roads and chanting what they described as ‘Invasion of the Judiciary’. Their anger is very simple; disrespect of court order that doesn’t favour the executive which passes a message that they don’t want anything justice hence it is against Buhari. There was an accusation that the executive wants to pocket the Judiciary and total control of that arm. They said that section 158 of the 1999 constitution is under threat and that it would only invite anarchy. They further questioned why the Judges whose houses were invaded are the ones that gave the executive un-favourable judgment without bias. They mentioned Nnamdi Kanu and questioned why a man that committed no crime known to the constitution of Nigeria and the world could still be in detention despite court orders that ordered his unconditional release.

On the issue of Dasuki who was accused of misappropriation of fund; there was a case which Buhari said; give me the money you took and go. On the issue of Nnamdi Kanu; what will Buhari make as a case? That Nnamdi Kanu forfeits his freedom of speech or right to agitate? There is nothing to hold against Nnamdi Kanu because he did not grow up in Nigeria that he would say he stole Nigerian money. He has nothing to do with Nigerian State and have no business whatsoever; neither is he ready to give up his right because of Buhari’s opposing view. Nnamdi Kanu only made sure he respects and abide by the law; anything less or more than that has nothing to do with him. The accusation against Nnamdi Kanu is that he asked for Biafra; the question is; did Nigerian constitution criminalize fair and peaceful demand or plea through agitation in a democracy? Sitting down to hear cock-and-bull story of how one man committed treasonable felony is the joke of the century.

With 2007 UN charter on the Rights of Indigenous People starring at Justice Binta Nyako; I wonder why she wouldn’t join the protest and call for the release of Nnamdi Kanu. Had Nnamdi Kanu started this agitation before the Charter; it would have been a complex case or a bit arguable. The issue could have been that democracy did not give right to agitate for what is not lawfully obtainable. But when self determination is lawfully obtainable by virtue of the UN 2007 convention domesticated by Nigeria; I wonder why Justice Binta Nyako would not join the protesting lawyers to demand Nnamdi Kanu’s release. If interpretation of UN 2007 charter proves too much or Binta gives in to the trumped up charges that self determination amounts to treasonable felony; then let her prove it to the world. We are waiting because we know everything is possible in Nigeria; let’s see the miracle happen.

The executive negligibly disrespected the Judiciary and one of the annoying facts therein is; the executive is blatantly or obviously influencing the Judiciary. Buhari is unaware of the consequences of his actions; hence he openly went on to influence the Judiciary instead of diplomatically or secretly do it to at least respect that arm of government. During his median media chat; had he closed his mouth and mildly or diplomatically made prejudicial statements; it would have been fair. Had he said “The Court will decide” and then secretly go at the back and influence the Court; it would have been a bit respectable. But blatantly coming before the world to say he would not release Nnamdi Kanu or allow any Court do that is a big-big disgrace to the Nigerian Judiciary. Men have to stand and be counted; Justice Binta Nyako can join the protesting lawyers to shape the future of the bench and the bar.

Till date, the Judiciary has implemented the words of the President like there is nobody therein or one that has the words of his or her own and like the Judiciary lacks the independence to do justice. The Nigerian Judiciary has functioned more like a Minister who listens and talks for the President and not like an arm of the government that check and balance the system. For more than a year; the Nigerian Judiciary cannot adjudicate on or interpret an existing law. For more than a year; corruption has hindered the matter before the Nigerian Judiciary. As the ant of Africa - not, giant of Africa; it is disgraceful that rule of law has been murdered without men putting up a fight. The fight today is a bit too late; Justice Binta Nyako can join the protest but she has to start by doing justice from 8th of November.

There is Nnamdi Kanu in Boris Jonson of UK Nigeria copied her constitution and nobody arrested him even Cameron resigned when he could not win the argument. There is Nnamdi Kanu in Catalonia aspiring for self determination and nobody accused him of treasonable felony but rather engaged him in a debate. There is Nnamdi Kanu in Scotland and nobody tortured her; that Nnamdi Kanu was even given referendum and he lost and yet seeking another one and was not arrested and charged with treasonable felony. There is Nnamdi Kanu is Venezuela and nobody arrested him but a debate was called to iron out a solution. Now there is Nnamdi Kanu in Nigeria and there is arrest, detention against court order; murder and prohibited torture.

Is Nigeria not part of the world meant for humanity; is there no law in Nigeria and if lawyers indeed exist in Nigeria; where are the laws? Is here a geographical space meant for Homo erectus who mutate into Homo sapiens only when they migrate to the human world? There is history waiting for Justice Binta Nyako to make and there are questions waiting for her to answer. Nobody knows where she would come from or how she would make the history or answer the questions. Her readiness to make or mal starts from 8th of November; cross your legs and fold your arms while I bring you arguments and criticism. I have earlier on said; Nnamdi Kanu’s case is a poison and also a glory; you either make or mal your personality and Country.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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