Mark - the enabler of suppression of Biafrans

By Kelechi Okorie
02 November, 2016

A mortal body can be killed and destroyed but once an idea has taken hold, you cannot destroy it despite the force. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ought to have known ideology is an instinct before embarking on his evil deal with the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari to shutdown Radio Biafra London group on facebook. RBL the highest contributory forum on Facebook with active membership close to a million with a motive to liberate mankind from bondage of Buhari’s fascism, mental torture, annihilation and subjugation.

Mark a Jewish US citizen failed to understand the rationale behind Biafra struggle; persecution of Jews which Biafra is among, undergoing in different geographical locations affected the history and social develoption of the countries, societies where the persecutions occurred. Why a man whose family benefited from the freedom and opportunity in USA turns around brutally suppressing freedom of speech and expression? His unprecedented alliance with tyrant Buhari to restrict Biafrans from disseminating their gospel of redemption to the world cannot change anything as long as Biafrans live. If Biafrans can withstand Awolowo’s food blockage during 1967-1970 genocidal war, Zuckerberg's media blackout is null and void. If US was not liberated from the shackle of darkness, would he have had an opportunity today to excel in life? Mark has made himself a willing tool to an Islamic extremist and unrepentant stark illiterate terrorist.

Perhaps, his inability to learn a lesson can only destroy his hard work; recall the day Satlink had a secret deal with Nigeria government under the same Buhari to remove his nightmare, Radio Biafra from their satellite, that same week their satellite mysteriously disappeared from earth’s orbit till date its whereabouts remains unknown.

Man is naturally wicked, nasty and selfish. Mark’s recent trip to Aso Rock Abuja, Nigeria seat of fraud and headquarters of evil empire with their unholy silent plans to exterminate Biafrans can only backfire on him, he has easily forgotten his doom day after cutting a malicious clampdown on Biafrans, explosion destroyed his $200m Facebook Satellite space X Falcon 9 and its Amos 9 Satellite payload during a routine rocket firing in cape Canaveral, Florida.

If Israel can stand today undefeated, Biafra shall do same. Chukwu Okike Abiahma, the creator of heaven and earth always stands for Biafrans, descendant of Israel. Meanwhile, Buhari is helplessly roaming around the world acquiring military hardware to obliterate Biafrans. Last year he boasted through his tiny myopic Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation NBC that Radio Biafra has been successfully neutralized. Today is RBL not propagating the gospel of truth to all nook and crannies?

If NBC cannot succeed, certainly Mark is bound to fail never to rise again, his consent to shutdown RBL Facebook page by Nigerian cyber hackers is whole heartedly welcome. We are once again calling on all Biafran professionals, IT personnels to rise up against unscrupulous elements from Buhari's cabal to shield his reign of terror from International community. Battle line has been drawn for media war, IPOB under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu can never concede defeat in whatever form. The world is looking upon skillful Biafrans to curtail this sudden challenge. And as always, the sky shall be our limit and songs of victory, we shall all sing at the end.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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