President-elect; Donald J Trump

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
November 16, 2016

History is today to repeat itself; many years Dwight Eisenhower left, he has reincarnated in you to make America truly great. Imperialism and neo-colonial enslavement on which Obama stood the greatness of America that got lost is over. You - Donald Trump will see to a fair world; where America will mutually exchange than subjugate or help to subjugate and take. America will be great again, build her infrastructure and strength; this will give the enablement to be fair, allow others to thrive because forcefully harnessing people through international policies will be no more. When America is built and made great by Trump; America won’t again anchor international policies on gain but on superior reasons. America cannot be great by Nigerian government donating millions of dollars to the Government to avoid sanctions over trampling of human rights- killing and imprisonment of the people of Biafra. America will not be great by supporting genocide against people aspiring for self determination in Nigeria to enable her lift the oil of subjugated people of Biafra.

Trump’s slogan is to make America great again; and making America great has to do with making every American feel greatness. It is not largely about fighting to topple a regime as Obama destroyed Libya and on the verge of destroying Syria. Making America great again cannot come through removing Jonathan and putting a fanatic that is bloodthirsty. Making America great is about giving every common American sense of greatness.

Americans will not keep suffering while migrants from other Countries come and take their jobs; take their homes and everything their father built for them. Americans will not be suffering while Refugees are given millions of dollars and given special treatment while common Americans are allowed to roam round the street. Americans will not be great trying to help others and be called world leaders at the detriment of her citizens. If foolishness is greatness as interpreted by Obama; then it is high time we started being stupid as well.

America is for Americans and it is stupidity to give other people the heritage of Americans simply because you want to prove a point. You cannot be eating cockroach at home and giving people cows to eat because you want to show you are great. That is not greatness but stupidity at highest order; that is what Obama stands for and that is what Clinton tried to carry on with. Illegal migrants must leave America for Americans; Americans have the right to enjoy the sacrifices of their fathers. A man from Africa or Asia should not come and claim the birthright of an American. I am wholly in support of making America great; being a bit selfish, setting your home in order before looking outside.

It is only a man that has passion for all would urge everybody to go back home and build his home; make your home a better place and only that can make you a man of your own. By means of facing Americans; to make life bearable for them, build infrastructure for them and make them know America belongs to them. It can only be successful when Donald Trump helps in making sure other people are placed in environment they can aspire and freely build their destinies. America can tap into their success; help, share ideas, resources and mutual benefits.

Self determination is the only means to balance or implement the Manifesto or everything you said and wish to achieve for America. When people are taken back to their dead and corrupt entities whilst they initially ran to America to save their lives; it becomes sheer insensitivity. America can be great when she attempts raw or new ideas because it seems existing ideas are getting outdated. New ideas include new establishments and policies, tapping into raw and passionate establishments. A free world America can freely exchange or tap to strengthen her greatness. Great America must primarily give room for aspiration to greatness; which is visible in Biafra restoration demand. With American’s consciousness or support of aspiration of greatness; when that greatness materializes; that greatness adds to American greatness and make America greater. Biafra is the latest on the board to tap and explore, give room for freedom than an association that corruptly take Biafra through Nigeria. As you said, "SELF DETERMINATION IS SACRED RIGHT OF ALL PEOPLE".

The election is over and here standing is the President-elect of America; for those of you that don’t know what being American President is all about, I will briefly tell you. Being American President is being the President of the world. This is what I felt Obama failed to understand and that was why he could not make America great. A man who understands more about what America stands for came in; he conquered all political dynasties in America to emerge as the 45th President of America. He drove to victory on a simple plane - to make America great again. America fell short of greatness in the hands of the first black President of America. It is a huge disappointment to me that Obama failed woefully; he was largely neglected and imperialism was his watch-act. The negligence was proved by the Email scandal of Hillary Clinton. It would be arguable to say that Hillary Clinton knows American secret more than Obama who is the chief executive.

Suppression of this Email scandal by all American establishments is a wise move because it would further disgrace Obama who may be termed technically incapacitated President. Clinton managed Obama’s regime because she is from a political dynasty and when you flashback and see how Obama campaigned for her; you would agree with me that he wanted to visibly give Clinton’s dynasty their regime. ‘Pay for Influence’ foundation of Clinton which represents Democrats’ and summed up Obama’s regime left America at the mercy of corruption. America became a crooked Country and when crooked Clinton tried to take over crooked America; America will finally fall morally and militarily because Russia would unite with victims of crooked Obama’s America and fight.

It is a great thing that the people of America have their Country back; they can once more beat their chest that America will not fall. Russia is already coming to terms with America; China, Turkey and the world are already rallying round America to make the world a better place and fight evil of any kind. The world cannot be great without America being great; the fall of America from greatness will amount to the fall of the world. Republicans have the history of setting a glorious world, a free world where America's greatness is indeed a true greatness. Not the kind of world where suppression of the people is the greatness of America as demonstrated by Obama. America is truly great when the world is great and then America is greater than the great world and Trump is already on that lane.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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