Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (R), President-elect; Trump (L)

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
November 16, 2016

“This is our victory; victory for Donald Trump is victory for Biafra whilst victory for Hillary Clinton is victory for Nigeria. Don’t blame Nigerian Government for giving millions of Dollars to help push Donald Trump out of the White House. Nigeria has no other option because Trump’s victory is victory for Indigenous People of Biafra. Main stream Media was entirely against Trump; but social Media did a wonderful job by providing a window to fight back. Twitter and FaceBook; if you watch closely, FaceBook was all about Trump simply because Biafrans are the biggest family on FaceBook. We fought tirelessly on Social Media; like Trump is our President and his victory is a relief to us” a Biafran narrated to me while celebrating Trump’s victory.

Biafra is all about giving a people chance to develop their nation and build their own home; more about supporting Trump’s position that everybody should go home and build his own home than being a parasite to America. People destroy their Nation and then come to America to drag the opportunities of the people of America. They take away everything the forefathers of America suffered for their children; they won’t sacrifice today for their children but would prefer to run to America and enjoy the sacrifices of another man. Biafra is asking for the field to interchange on mutual ground and not to suck on parasitic ground. Donald Trump’s ideology is welcomed and also propagated by Biafra and this is a sign that Trump will buy Biafra Idea.

Immigration policy of Trump is ‘key’ to Biafra restoration; by means of building infrastructure and making America great again. America will forfeit imperialism that only hurt or destroy the world that was immensely practiced by Obama.  Obama made America a weak country that relies on others to survive or thrive; this led to international policies that sometimes pitch politicians against their people and American’s shift of her support from the people to politicians was simply to balance the poor infrastructure back home. Political imperialism became the major focus of Obama because he woefully failed to build infrastructure and make America great.

Obama has been a nightmare for the oppressed People; Democrats and Obama tend to enjoy politics more than humanity and human rights. Clinton’s Foundation had been accused of corruption; where she tends to be so conscious of ‘pay for influence’. It is not a secret that had Clinton won, human rights and humanity will be relegated. Politics is a larger part of Hillary Clinton’s life; just like Trump noted; we have experience and we have bad experience. Politicians have destroyed the world and posed a serious threat to humanity; they are all concerned about the welfare of their families and the interest of their political allies at the detriment of humanity. That is what Trump described as bad experience; Biafra is a humanitarian case and Trump will most likely listen to humanity.

Trump conquered a political dynasty; right from the primary election Trump was up against the establishment; winning the Bush family to the least of the political dynasties in America. On the Democrat side; Sanders was too weak to fight the political dynasty there; he was lobbied out of the race but Trump is too rich to be aware of money or anything other than his aspiration. Trump is not a politician but a free and common man who is after the well-being of the people of America; strictly beyond politics. Being political will amount to favoritisms, it would bring about a lot of policies that would not solve the fundamental need of common and free people of the world; rather it would centre on Politicians and their interest. Trump is not a politician but a free man that came to right the wrongs of politicians. Biafra will benefit immensely from Donald Trump’s personality and ideology.

“We would be fair to all” he majestically walked out to the waiting jubilant supporter at his campaign headquarter, mildly clapping to appreciate those teeming supporters; smiling gorgeously, accompanied by his lovely wife and family because the battle is over. He would raise his thumb; his usual buoyant expression; after his deputy short speech of introduction and appreciation; he mounted the stage. The first call was to thank everybody and urged them to unite and make America Great Again. He would not mince words because he knew that with him ‘this is Great America that will not fear anybody’ he made it clear that America will be fair to all. Nobody will be favored over another; Nigeria will not enjoy not designating Boko Haram a terrorist organization neither will Buhari kill Biafrans for aspiring for self-determination and shake world leaders for a job well done. For the fact Trump would be fair; Biafra restoration is a fair demand that would penetrate.

Trump has passion for the implementation of the peoples’ will; when Britain conducted a referendum to decide the future of the country in EU, the people voted massive to leave EU and that was respected. Trump took that opportunity to declare that self determination is the sacred right of the people.
Nigerian government having denied and profaned that right through the imprisonment of Nnamdi Kanu and killing of the people of Biafra; it is contrary to the perception of Donald Trump and there is no way he would sit back and watch innocent people die and unlawfully thrown into the prison. Trump’s conscience would not let him allow such profanity like Obama did; there would definitely be a way to be fair to innocent people of Biafra.

The people of Biafra believe that only God-creation Himself will give them Biafra; going by Donald Trump’s victory, it was clear that God’s hand was involved. This is an election that opposed pollsters, politicians and so-called prophets. It would be rationale to clearly term this victory, God’s doing’ and God’s doing is simply miracle. When God wants to give men who believe in Him their desire, he does that through human being. God brought Donald Trump and has shown He did through the nature of his victory. The People of Biafra must not wait for God to come down from the sky and act; the sign of God on Donald is enough to clear the doubts.

Trump will provide a fair playing ground where superior reason would always prevail; he would bring fairness for a better world and not imperialism to cover weaknesses. America will be great again, America will be that country that would take decisions or make international policies on the position of strength. America will not be that country that would support the killing of dissent voices simply because the Government in power will provide oil and funds to American government. Donald Trump is such a man that would restore the lost dignity of America; America that will protect the world and show strength, America that will fight terrorism of any kind, America that would not consider money for influence and that is what Trump stands for.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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