A Biafran demanding for his freedom

By Chinasa Nworu
November 13, 2016

Few years back no one could ever believe that the Biafra struggle will ever hurt and chase the Biafra enemies like it does today. Most of these senators, the so-called Igbo leaders called Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB all sorts of names; from miscreants to Facebook fighters, but today we are hunting them like never before.

Today they are negotiating from this to that with the murderous Buhari. Finding a way for their own political benefits; don't ever think that these people are honest people; they are deeply committed in their selfish interest. Since I was born these people are always negotiating for roads, electricity, water etc and we have got none; if truly they are sincere how come we are not making any progress from year to year?

Today they are making the release of Nnamdi Kanu their top issue in exchange to supporting the $29 billion loan. Does it mean that they cannot negotiate a release of an innocent man without talking about money? It would have been better if they have negotiated with Buhari to take $100 billion loan and let Biafrans to go but their intentions are always selfish.

It is very painful that those we trusted and called leaders are a big disappointment but my happiness is that we IPOB are not easy nuts to crack. The battle field is wide for us and the so-called elders and senators to engage ourselves if they fail to do the right thing.

One can learn from Trump how he stood his ground even when the world and the media came against him but he later prevailed because he was standing on the truth.

The so-called leaders should know that those injection of lies, hatred, betrayals and evil acts they gave us have expired. Those drugs are not working again. Besides, we are no more kids; we are men; because of their selfishness we the new generation have received a lot of insults, dehumanizing treatments from the outside world; we are seen as nothing; most of them went on scholarship to become who they are today but all those things they have destroyed them, sold us, most of them living abroad are dying outside; they are not coming back, I wonder how it wound be after most of us spend decades abroad even on retirement you are afraid to come home just because they so called leaders have sold the land; make the land ungovernable and inhabitable

I swear with the name of ChukwuOkike Abaima, this battle of Biafra restoration just began ,we are ready for this fight, I swear impossibility exist only in your mind. For me and other comrades we shall take this fight to a greater height, we shall restore Biafra, cleans our land, build our land, deliver our land from all these Hyenas and scavengers called Hausa and Stupid Igbo leaders. It is better you negotiate for the restoration of Biafra than negotiating for that loan that will kill you.

Take it or leave it, we are here to restore Biafra. It is either we restore Biafra or we die restoring Biafra.

Biafra or Death !!

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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