By Ifeanyi Chijioke
November 30, 2016

In the wake of the arrest of the leader of Indigenous people of Biafra; the people of Biafra which comprises of the whole states in old Eastern region have taken to the streets and explored other ways to press for the release of their leader Nnamdi Kanu. Whilst politicians and some scavengers in the name of elders continued to use the agitation for financial gain; the Youths with most elders have strongly embraced the idea Nnamdi Kanu shares. Such among the Youths is Ifeanyichukwu Francis; the very young man that customized #FreeNnamdiKanu Cocacola drinks.

In this interview with Ifeanyi Chijioke; he shares his experience and his passion; noting that what he has done is little compared to what he would do more to make sure Biafra is restored. He strongly believes that the protest for the release of Nnamdi Kanu would snowball into something unbearable if he is not released and the people would fight injustice with everything they have.

He is barely known in the field of the agitation; but the customization of Free Nnamdi Kanu; a way he decided to campaign for the release of his leader has brought him to the public domain.


Many people don’t know you even though you have done immensely for Biafra, can they know you?

“My name is Ifeanyichukwu Francis from Ohaozara in Ebonyi State but residing at Igwe Ocha seeking green pasture, a boy of 26 seeing how bad things is for him and his people in BIAFRA, decided to put his life on the line to fight for what is right by joining the voice of the leader of IPOB NNAMDI KANU to say no to injustice”

I have decided to meet you because of your passion and sacrifices for Biafra; what is your thought about Biafra?

My thought about BIAFRA is such kind of people who were subdued by the wicked and cruel world spearheaded by Hausa and Yoruba people yet today they are the most successful and Blessed people in Africa if not the world, so how much more if BIAFRA is RESTORD and they have free access to develop their God given talents”

He so much believes that Biafra Nation is overdue hence Northern oligarchy with their Western counterparts decided to subdue the people of Biafra without giving them the chance or the needed governmental attention to succeed and noting that the fight for Biafra is worthwhile because it would change Africa as a whole.

When asked, the customized free Nnamdi Kanu cocacola can; what gave him the idea, what drives him to that?

Ifeanyichukwu and friend
“I am always an inspirational person and I have done many things in the Nigeria society but was never appreciated, so seeing this BIAFRA struggle and the spirit behind it, I was like a charmed person and once that inspiration came I decided to do it”

Further questioned, how did he go about that; through raising fund from his zone or his personal fund?

“I didn’t do it alone, a Friend of mine; a very good one by name Marsha Harrison; he is also an active member in my zone which is garrison zone, he helped me with some money and I added with the one I have and did it”

Asked to evaluate the actions of others towards Biafra restoration project; some people prefer to voice support and not making financial contribution or notable contribution like your customized can; what is your advice to them?

“My advice to those who think that what we are doing is just a waste of time or fund, if that is the reason behind their less passionate involvement on this struggle they should think twice because tomorrow it might be too late and they will have themselves to blame, not by denying them the right to access on BIAFRA land but their conscience will forever torment and question them each time they want to reap what they did not sow”

IPOB Igweocha has been the most vibrant State agitating for the restoration of Biafra; while this contradicts the notion that Niger Delta is not seriously involved; Francis has something to say about the state of the State. Asked; IPOB igweocha has been the most vibrant of all, a State in the so-called Southsouth, what are you guys secret?

“Hmmmm (he breathed in) the secrete behind every successful society or nation is hard working and commitment” He noted that IPOB Igweocha is more committed and working hard to restore their Nation and that is what made them most vibrant State in Biafra land agitating for restoration of Biafra. And when asked; what are the other things he is now personally doing to promote Biafra?

“I have also released a song titled ‘we wanna be free’ and I have done video in the little poor way as I can due to how bad things are around us here, in fairness to garrison zone they have given me some support like buying the BIAFRA flags that I used on the video, and right now I have done another new song which I will release very soon because right now am in the camp producing a movie, in the case I forget I am also a Nollywood producer”

Asked if his customization of Cocacola Can will be his highest campaign and if he would surpass that one?

“I am still praying for chukwuabiama to give me more wisdom to do what will surpass the ones I have done, but right now am still planning big because am going to attach Nnamdi kanu in a place where people must panic, I mean in the heart of Nollywood.

Asked; will a more serious protest likely start again if Nnamdi Kanu is not released before next year?

“If Nnamdi kanu is not released before the end of this year, am afraid the next protest will be the war Nigeria government have been praying for and they will have it”

Finally, do you believe Nigeria will shoot peaceful protesters again despite the campaign by Amnesty?

“Nigeria been what it is must shoot, an expired product once taken in will definitely react, it is a lawless society and must act like one because a Paedophile and child rapist is in power, a man who has no sympathy for a little baby of 9 years and raped her, is capable of doing anything but we are not afraid because it is Biafra or death and we mean business”

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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