November 01, 2016
By Ogochukwu Nnanna

Igweocha women has once again took the campaign for the restoration of Biafra to Rumuokershi community on 30th of October, 2016.The meeting which was hosted by Rumuokershi has a good number of women in attendance. The meeting which commenced at about 3pm Biafra time took place in an open field with different Biafra colours displayed all over. The objectives of this  women monthly  meeting is to make sure that this gospel of truth which is the restoration of Biafra are being taken to every  Community  in Igweocha Biafra land.

Their objective is also to make sure that every woman in Igweocha will be  carried along to avoid some women saying that they are not aware of that. Again, women is the back bone of every family and for that Igweocha women find it so expedient to join this struggle fully in order to make the family more solid. Women builds the house and anything women are not involved never stands firm. They are also doing that to show that what men can do, women can do it more better. Oh my goodness me! This is a challenge to men!

In Igweocha today, it is women that are motivating their children to come out and join the struggle of which it is not like that before. When this agitation started newly, women doesn't allow their children to involved themselves in it. If their children happened to join others in protest, they will almost disown them saying that on the process of the protest, if anything happens to them that their hands are not in it. Initially, some women see this Biafra restoration as a war but today they have realized that it is not all about war but about freedom from slavery in the contraption called Nigeria. 

Igweocha women also want to make sure that there is a strong Union between all the women in Igweocha as far as Biafra restoration is concerned. They want this restoration campaign to go round to every village and communities in Igweocha. Igweocha women are now waxing stronger more than any other women in Biafra land. They are not afraid of their enemies neither are they relenting in this Biafra restoration project.

In fact, this today's general meeting is the best of its kind, the meeting took place in an open field with a loud microphone used on like before.  Biafra colours was displayed all over without any atom of fear of the zoo military who always patrols every Sunday to check where IPOB are gathering to host their meetings.  Any time Igweocha women are holding their meeting, they will never hesitate to lift the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra mazi Nnamdi kanu in prayers. 

They must ask Chukwu okike Abiama for his release and I believed that chukwu Abiam Himself hears them. They also do their introductions in their different dialect which shows that this struggle are not only for Igbos alone but for every woman who speaks Biafra language and who also tie two piece of wrappers. Igweocha women also use this meeting to share their views and problems to each other. This meeting has brought  them together  as one big family. 

There is now unity among them. And also I commend Rumuokershi community for hosting this great crowd of women who are present in the meeting. There was also food and drinks in surplus. All these are the hand work of mazi Nnamdi kanu,because before there is nothing like that. Today, an Akwaibom person can see an Igbo person as his or her brother and so are other tribes in Biafra land are doing.

Mazi Nnamdi kanu has done to Biafrans what no man has ever did.  Before people see this struggle as an Igbo affairs but they don't know that its beyond that. Today other tribes like Akwaibom and Delta states etc are more Biafrans than the Igbo's. ln conclusion, I urged every woman to come out and join this struggle, if you are not yet convinced that Biafra has already come, in fact you are still far from the truth. Come and join other women in doing what they are doing as regards this struggle, it requires no money to join. 

  1. Come out and stop hiding under your bed. 

It is a collective effort that will bring restoration of Biafra even when you are less expected. Biafra is real!, Biafra is real!!, Biafra is real!!!!, come and join.



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