Obama's America

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
November 24, 2016

I have constantly posited that America has not only lost her greatness under Obama; God’s own Country has lost her moral supremacy. America is known for moral soundness but all of a sudden; everything was cast to the whirlwind and blown far away from her tent. Obama has done more harm than good to America; changing her value system and everything she once stood for. The degradation is obvious, ranging from moral values to immoral values, political values to monetary values and from embrace of strength to embrace of imperialism.

Last week, Washington condemned the killing of Shiite Muslims by Nigerian security forces under the order of Muhammed Buhari, the first time the Oval office is condemning regime atrocity in Nigeria. The condemnation which is inconsistent has called into question the resoluteness of Washington or her willingness to address the issue of human right without bias. This act raised consciousness of the world to the preferential attitude of Washington. Washington is now known for ‘pay for influence’ or can best be described as the ideology of Clinton’s foundation. It would be fair to say that America has metamorphosed into Clinton’s world. ‘Crooked Hillary’ as Trump would say has influenced America to be crooked America.

The killing of innocent people in Nigeria has been a constant thing which started with Buhari’s pre-election speech which instigated a post-election violence that killed thousands of people and later resulted to establishment of Boko Haram to bastardize the Government he felt rigged election to its favor. The failure of Washington to designate Boko Haram a terrorist organization was testament to the fact that there is an effort to immorally protect Nigeria. This protection can be called a crime against humanity because it contributes or encourages crimes against humanity.

Washington became obsessed with Nigerian government simply because she played a remarkable role in enthroning the leadership of Aso Rock and enjoys a good relationship which is not short of financial support; regime control, and inflow of oil to America. Washington now puts the various gains they get from Nigeria above humanity which poses a threat to the world at large. This position which is as a result of Obama’s failure to build infrastructure and make America great hence lean on other countries to make up for her greatness.

It is disheartening that self determination declaration in 2007 by UN which was championed by Washington under President George Bush has failed to be defended in the face of genocide against the people lawfully and peacefully embracing the Charter. While Amnesty International has continued to report the unlawful killing of the people of Biafra; Washington has not found it crucial to condemn the heinous crime against humanity. This silence has in one way or another encouraged the killing of innocent Christian- Biafrans for no just cause.

Washington has however found it a duty to defend Muslims and leave Christians; this is evident by virtue of quickly standing to condemn the killing of Shiite Muslims and has backed the killing of Christian-Biafrans by continued silence. This bias is quite worrisome because value of life ought to be equated and balanced. Washington cannot go on to condemn the killing of Shiite Muslims while remaining silent over the killing of Christian Biafrans.

It is imperative to call the attention of Washington; that the killing of Christian-Biafrans is well documented digitally. There is genocide going on in Biafra just like it went on in 1967 and Washington kept mute. There is regime atrocity that tends to undermine right to live and hence making Christian-Biafrans a species of terror. There is the need to stand and condemn the onslaught against peaceful and lawful people of Biafra. There is the need to urge Buhari to cease military action against Biafrans and respect the right of every Biafran.

If Washington cannot stand for the oppressed people of Biafra; condemn violent or unwarranted military crackdown that have led to death, then there is the need to look back and say Donald Trump has much greater work to do than we thought. If Muslims' lives are the only lives worth protecting or speaking up when attacked or taken; then Washington has not only lost her moral value but lost her belief and the Godly foundation the country stood on.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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