Mazi Nnamdi Kanu - IPOB Leader

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
November 24, 2016

“From our reliable sources, we can confirm without any atom of doubt that  Buhari is working tirelessly to influence Justice Binta Nyako, he is adamant that Nnamdi Kanu will be bailed only when he wants or orders” Biafra intelligence team wrote to the media wing in their weekly debriefing. To buttress their claim; they further cited some actions that have been taken so far by Buhari. “We intercepted a letter signed by Buhari himself and delivered through the DSS; urging Justice Binta Nyako to release Nnamdi Kanu only when he wants, claiming that the matter is beyond the Court” they said and promised to dig deeper.

“They have invited her on numerous occasions and when she declined; they went to her home but she declined to open up to them. She is denying them access and they are angling for a desperate measure to conform her. The letter was sent after she declined all their advances, a letter with presidential seal and we were unable to get a copy for documentation after much effort. The Judge strongly feels that there is no argument that can continue to keep Nnmadi Kanu in detention. The counter affidavit to the Court only has national security threat phrase, which was merely said and cannot be buttressed; that was evident that Nnamd Kanu will be granted bail and that is why the pressure is so much and we fear she might not stand it” the report further disclosed.

“There is pressure on Justice Binta Nyako; she has tried to fight down and avoid some calls and appointments, she has tried to be unbiased but we cannot assure anything. Buhari is trying everything he could to make sure Nnamdi Kanu’s case is influenced and he seems to be getting his will done. The trial Judge blatantly refused to caution the security forces who forcefully stopped the public and Biafran Journalists from coming into the Court with devices to capture what is going on in the Court” the report said.

“The failure of the trial Judge to stand her ground on ordinary issue like that shows IPOB leader might be in for another war against corruption just as Tosho was fought. There might have been a compromise; arresting and harassing Journalists that came to the Court without the Court reacting to that is a bad omen. I also heard reports about the Judge; where she was unfair to the counsel to Nnamdi Kanu, not allowing them to land any time they are on a high. It is a disturbing thing; to me there is nothing or reason to keep holding Nnamdi Kanu in detention. He should be released and this will give room for political resolution; the Court to allow Buhari to use it is very disturbing” a practicing lawyer who doesn’t want his name in print said when approached by this reporter.

Part of the efforts to influence the trial of Nnamdi Kanu was to ensure media blackout to give Buhari the friendly platform to do anything he wants. According to an unconfirmed report; it was said that Buhari has ordered Nigeria press to ensure total media blackout which was adhered to. Speaking over the phone on a live radio program with the Deputy leader of IPOB; the Biafran Journalists that participated or updated the Court case noted that no Journalist from Nigerian media was present in the Court like before. They wondered why a case that used to have Journalists from almost all the Nigerian mainstream media suddenly stopped. Meanwhile; the Biafra Journalists have done immensely well by giving the case the needed publicity as the fight goes on. This media blackout has not in any way affected the presence of foreign observers and interest.

The charges brought against Nnamdi Kanu by Muhammed Buhari according to investigation so far cannot stand; Nnamdi Kanu was accused of treasonable felony but the prosecution came up again with amended charges after much criticism of their bogus charges. Consistently reminded that one man cannot commit treasonable felony that needs conspiracy to be achieved; the prosecution boringly attached the name of other defendants to make up for the criticism; a move viewed as childish and thoughtless. “There is virtually no evidence before the Court to buttress the charges against Nnamdi Kanu, we have assessed and this is why we are disturbed that the Court allowed such matter and yet find it hard to grant us bail, we will oppose any form of corruption, all we need is justice and we must see it dispensing” a lawyer who is unofficially standing for Nnamdi Kanu said.

It is believed that Buhari has lost the case hence he has declined to morally or ethically follow up the matter; using the Court corruptly became inevitable. Nnmadi Kanu as a political prisoner or a prisoner of conscience needs judicial control to be achieved. It is believed that Buhari will stop at nothing but influence Justice Binta Nyako to continue his illegal detention of Nnamdi Kanu. Speaking on the situation; Bruce Don, a political analyst based in Germany said “It is unfortunate that in 21st Century; we are talking about political prisoner, more regrettable, it is happening in a country believed to be the most civilized of all African Countries. Shouldn’t we hold the Judiciary responsible? Watch closely and you will see the Judiciary was not prepared. When Nigeria elected a past dictator with much sentiment that he could be a threat to democracy; the Judiciary ought have brace up and get ready; by virtue of this lingering case; the Judiciary has failed”

Buhari has refused to obey Court orders that released Nnamdi Kanu unconditionally; in his maiden media chat; he unequivocally noted that he would not obey or release Nnamdi Kanu. This was an affront to the Judiciary and with the confidence such statement was made; Buhari was certain that he owns or rather controls the Judiciary. The President has no power to make such statement and with the continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu; it means that separation of power is not quite practiced. The reasons upon which bail was previously denied became open that Buhari is corruptly engaging the matter.

Bail granting was expected to effect last two weeks when Nnamdi Kanu appeared before Justice Binta Nyako but there was adjournment to 1st December. This frustrating adjournments has been viewed by many as a move to get permission if she should grant the bail or not. Buhari on the order hand had sent Southeast Senators to meet Nnamdi Kanu and discuss on his possible bail but bereft of unconditioned. It is widely believed that the Judiciary has lost the power to do justice to the case but to some; there is confidence in Justice Binta Nyako comes 1st December.

While 1st December is expected to mark the end of the shambolic trial that has done more harm than good to Nigerian State and led to killing of hundreds of peaceful and lawful Biafran protesters who demonstrate for justice to be done through unconditional release of Nnamdi Kanu, it is crucial to note that there is hurdle against justice. Justice Binta is under intense pressure to deny bail application even when there is no reason left to continue to hold Nnamdi Kanu; whether she succumbs or triumph to the pressure will be seen on 1st December.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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