By Ifeanyi Chijioke
October 04, 2016

Not even Nigerian Judicial Council putting him through a sword would reshape Battered Nigerian image when it comes to her judiciary. Justice John Tsoho is an epitome of everything wrong with Nigerian judiciary. He was able to paint it, giving the whole world the opportunity to know the level of corruption within it. Indeed, when the hope of a common man is under the strong shackles of corruption; there won’t be escape route even for the just.
He could have lingered and continued his bias, corrupt and strange handling of the case before him, he could have fought to finish because withdrawal will only signify defeat. Ruling and overruling in the same court and on same case. Denying bail on frivolous reasons, even condemnation before trial, these summed up the corruption witnessed as a result of Buhari’s influence. He has destroyed his name and destroyed Nigerian judiciary; it is too late to withdraw because he has shattered and profaned that sacred institution.
In the great wisdom of this court, this honourable court hereby upheld that the accused was accused in the open and shall be tried in the open, the prosecution is expected to produce its witnesses to this court tomorrow’ this was the ruling of the court yesterday. The court is a fearful place, once a pronouncement is made; it has been made and can only be overturned by the appellate court. But for Justice John Tsoho, that was not the case, he has the backing of the powers that be, he can rule and overrule himself.

The D’day came as we waited for the witnesses, instead of standing his ground, he gave the prosecution the chance to go back to the previous argued and ruled issue; only for the Judge to overrule thus ‘The court was incompetent in its ruling yesterday; this court hereby overrule itself and again rules that the accused shall be tried in the secret because the prosecution said they have witnesses that cannot be seen by human beings’. The world was shocked, what a world and what a judge in this part of the world. That did not come as a shock to me because I know Nigeria, the citadel of corruption; this is a world where everything is possible.

When Nnamdi Kanu was interviewed in the court, he strongly noted that he is determined to fight corruption anywhere he sees it; and when Justice John Tsoho resigned from the case as a result of corruption, he was filled with joy and could beat his chest that his fight against corruption is gaining momentum. Prior to the progression of the case, Justice Tsoho had denied Nnamdi Kanu bail on frivolous reasons. One of the disturbing reasons was his claim that if Kanu is given bail, he would go back to commit the crime he was brought to the court for. When I read the reason, I asked myself, so Kanu has been found guilty by Tsoho even before being tried? Tsoho has disgraced the ‘Justice’ title bestowed on him and there is no hiding place for him because he would be remembered for the destruction of Nigerian judiciary before the world.

I pity Justice John Tsoho who was not aware of what he was up against, anchoring the reason for rejection of bail on flight risk when the court has option of holding Kanu’s passports is enough to tell that there was subversive justice. Indigenous People of Biafra would shred him for bias judgment, the world would be made to see his dirty pants and by the end of the day, he would run away but it is now too late for him; he has destroyed Nigerian Judiciary before his withdrawal. Had he intention to withdraw, he could have done it earlier before now than this perilous time.

While throwing in the towel; Tsoho cited the petition against him that is before CJN and decried the fragility of the defendants. He has already been placed under investigation and I wonder what the investigation would look like. I foresee a jamboree because Justice Tsoho was only a puppet; dealing with him is dealing with Buhari and corruption cannot fight corruption. Justice Tsoho has disgraced the judiciary of Nigeria and any action against him is only a move to reassure the world that there is hope of sanity within the institution. The move might be impossible one going by the interest of the President, but no matter what happens, it is too late for all parties, and Justice Tsoho’s dirty linen has been washed before the world.

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters


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