The government would not dare set aside this date because they are the villain; this is why NGOs must stand to that challenge. The people should defend what is right and show the government around the world that democracy belongs to them. There is no justification or means to buttress the arrest of eight months old child. Children must not experience this reign of terror in Nigeria, even though you would not fight against unlawful arrest of Nnamdi Kanu; there is now opportunity to fight wicked and unlawful arrest of eight months old child.

Nigeria as artificial creation has affected the conscience of the inhabitants, I expected 100% support of Fayose not this 95% I surveyed, are they really human beings at all? Why won’t they commend Fayose for releasing eight months old child detained by Buhari in his State, had Fayose stayed put without taking any action; God will curse him. But for remembering to intervene, for having the conscience to save that eight months old child, God will forever bless that fearless man. I had urged Nigerian Children to set 17th of October aside as ‘save children’s day’ in memory of what Fayose did on Monday. I blame the creators of this contraption, Britain to have created Nigeria is the greatest evil they have done against humanity.

Nigeria is known for surprises, even their wickedness is fantastic; they really behave like a man made human beings; animals reason more correctly than them. A dog cannot be fighting and suddenly turn to the puppy of its enemy and fight it; you can only see that in Nigeria where Buhari could arrest eight months old baby because he has scores to settle with his father. Buhari’s reign can be best described as reign of terror, it is very clear that if this man is not stopped before time; nobody will be spared when the time comes. If eight months old child can be accused of corruption and subsequently arrested with his mother; there is a seriously problem.

The eight months old child and the mother were accused of withdrawing money from their account; the EFCC had said the account is under investigation because it belongs to the wife of Buhari’s critic. The said wife is neither a politician nor a public servant; what concerns the eight months old child and the mother with EFCC. There is no justification whatsoever to arrest the child and the mother and taken to nearest station to be whisked away by EFCC afterwards. Starved the child and the mother, this is clear molestation and people of good conscience must stand against this tyranny.

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In spite of the account being under investigation, that was not enough reason to arrest an innocent child and the mother; they could have barred them from making any transaction and urged them to report to the EFCC office when they are free to clear the air. The account which has a balance of two hundred thousand Naira cannot rightly be under investigation unless the household of Femi Fani-Kayode is under investigation or witch hunted. When the EFCC released a press statement saying that they sanctioned the arrest of the child and the mother and to be taken to a station; I was disappointed with such directive and then it was clear Buhari urged them to bully anybody not in support of him.

NGOs must support child’s warfare; Fayose has shown a rare character by not allowing eight months old child to be subjected, intimidated and harassed. The reasonable ones in Nigeria must stand behind Fayose and emulate from him. No child should see or suffer in this atrocious regime; this reign of terror must be exempted from innocent children. This is a wakeup call to others, there is the need to stand like men and fight evil. Which ever way evil is fought, it is a welcomed fight; there is need for sanity that children God put in our hands may not suffer from bigotry or hatred of any kind.

I have noticed a deliberate move by government controlled media who instead of commending Fayose have started a campaign of hate against him. They are trying to instigate the government against Fayose, the wicked shall never have his way only when we stand and fight. They have tried to make it appear like Fayose obstructed arrest of a suspect, and they are already trying to criminalize eight months old baby and the mother. They are coming from the perspective that the account they tried to withdraw feeding money from was used for money laundering. They are controlled and they work for the wicked; disregard them and forbid them; stand for the wafare of innocent children.

Fayose’s action remains worthy of emulation; there is the need to understand that as the chief executive of Ekiti State; he must defend his people or his visitors. He must assure them that his state is not lawless; he must make a statement that eight months old child cannot be arrested in his state. Had he failed to make such statement, it would chase away investors and visitors. But having made a strong statement, having shown that lawlessness can be fought; he deserves commendation and 17th of October can be set aside in memory of his action. A child deserves that extra effort to be protected and stay free from the wickedness of the world.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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