I know that you will disbelief this topic of mine, but believe you me, I don’t rant, and I am not that kind infected by Nigeria. Anything that comes in contact with Nigeria contracts a virus that either makes you a liar or a thief. You either steal public funds and lie that you are fighting looters or you relegate your wife to the kitchen and make her a sex slave. I have never come in contact with Nigeria; this is why you have to always believe me. I did not attend her school; I am more an exotic personality because I am a natural product of Radio Biafra.

Just as his wife belongs to his bedroom and kitchen and has no respect for her; he has replicated that on another man’s wife. As worthless as Buhari thought of his wife, that prompted him to arrest another man’s wife and her eight months old child. Consigned them in the bank while EFCC rushed down to pick them and finally lock them up; the arrested mother belongs to the kitchen and for leaving her kitchen and bedroom for the bank; she was arrested. If women are that worthless to Buhari, is a child also worthless that he shall be arrested and starved inspite of the age?

8 months old baby was arrested by Buhari, the only place he tried was that he allowed the parent of the baby to stay with the baby; even, they starved the innocent child as Buhari’s EFCC told the mother that anything he does or says will be used against her in the court of law. Trust Buhari when Justice John Tsoho is presiding; breastfeeding will become a crime as possession of two passports became a crime in Kanu’s case and that will be the end.

Though I don’t know the name of the child that was arrested, but the sins of the fathers will eventually catch with their children. Buhari just implemented that when the wife of Fami Fani-kayode was arrested with her 8 months old child. What was the sin of the father of the child that triggered the child’s arrest? The father campaigned against Buhari and has been a strong critic of him; he doesn’t accept criticisms; he wanted to silence Fani-Kayode so that he can run his government and implement whatsoever evil plan he has.

Fami Fani-Kayode being a stubborn man has decided that he would not limp; he vowed to be fearless and be remembered as a brave man that stood against tyranny. He has been arrested and maltreated and expected to wither but he was only drilled to fire on all cylinders, he was motivated to do more, leaving his accusers frustrated. Buhari will be wondering the kind of man he is, despite every effort to instill fear in him. Fani-Kayode beat all expectations when he came out from detention and assiduously criticized the government of Buhari again and till date.

Buhari would be biting his fingers that despite the manhunt on opposition voices, illegal and incessant arrest of people; there are still men brave enough to speak against his evil. Many men have gone dumb but Fami Fani-kayode refused to be counted. He is facing tribulations and all sorts of attack, monitored like a spy from Russia and followed like a housefly following a corpse. All his account under investigation, accounts of his family members also placed under radar; his crime was being in the opposition or being critical of Buhari.

However, there is a deliberate move to frustrate him and conform him, each time he goes to the bank to withdraw five thousand Niara, he is either questioned or accused that his money is under investigation. That led to the arrest of his wife who had gone to withdraw money for herself and her eight months old child, unfortunately, she and the child were arrested, abused and starved. This is to show the extent Buhari can go against dissent voices; Buhari through the EFCC had ordered for her arrest and they were arrested but upon hearing that eight months old child was arrested; Fayose stood and defended against evil, fought against such barbarity.

Buhari has gone mad again, the President of Nigeria needs serious attention; he has arrested an eight months old baby; power-drunk and blinded by bigotry. This defines a true Muslim; the rate of hatred he bears against infidels knows no boundary. While this is going on, they Nigerians have kept quiet; they won’t start now to chase the black sheep until dusk falls. Their President has gone mad and very soon he would unleash into a fully fledged dictator and everyone unless the loyal heads will be spared.

While this reign of terror persists, I am very much pained that the world authorities have not diplomatically or secretly started making a move to curb this impending doom. Buhari is a dictator and the more he is being given chance to thrive on evil is the more he gets acquainted with the mindset that he can really be this monster and nothing will happen. It is high time everyone stand and condemned this evil before it spills to the doorstep of everyone. The arrest of eight months old child is real, and the arrest of peaceful and lawful Nnamdi Kanu is also real. Together we can conquer tyranny!

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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