Just recently I was told that Niger Delta Avengers wrote an open letter to the President of Nigeria; I reluctantly told my colleague to share the letter with me; which he did and as I angrily read between the lines; I felt a streaming cold down my spine; Ken Sarowiwa was mentioned; our father murdered by Nigerian leaders. I did not agree with the reality that Niger Delta Avengers wrote that letter; it is unlike our freedom fighters that don’t rant or talk too much. To pass any message; they use more than words; bomb a significant oil pipeline and then attach their message on the information that another boom! has occurred. But unlike them, I saw pages of words written to Buhari without any ‘more than words’ then I found it crucial to ask, where is Niger Delta Avengers? Any one that found them can deliver this message to be contained herein.

A shooting star football player was shot dead in our land; four bullets shot at him; this is premeditated murder in lush of anger. It is important to know that we learnt about this death because a star was killed. Do you know how many people being killed on daily basis without being reported? If 200 Biafrans are killed in Igweocha; do you think it will be reported? The reality is that there is a war going on against our people and it is time to wake up. Suddenly; you - Avengers stopped actions even when actions were badly needed; we have supported your agitation and this is a critical time to sustain all actions to curb our death. The heavy military presence on our land ends in our various homes; they can’t near the creeks and I wonder where you have gone.

In that letter written to the President of Nigeria; and in adherence to ceasefire for negotiation which I doubt you really took; you have really written instigating piece. I mean Ken Sarowiwa; our father, by the mention of his name; tears trickled down my eyes; I felt we are nothing but a species of terror in Nigeria. I want to transfer that emotion to you; the preamble of his speech on that fateful day; maybe you will be taught by it. Nigeria deserves not a moment of peace; the destruction of Nigeria is the only way our forefathers and children killed from 1966 to date can rest in peace. You have been lacking for a period of time now; I have not heard from you in the name of negotiation. When they had the time to negotiate with Ken Saroriwa; they only viciously murdered him. Why giving them hope or ears of negotiation? Why relenting when this is a proper time to destroy Nigerian and restore our nation; there must be no disappointment this time around.

Our father Sarowiwa speaks from their military tribunal in 1995 “My lord, since my arrest on the 21st of May, 1994, I have been subjected to physical and mental torture, held incommunicado and denied food for weeks and medical attention for months. My seventy-four year old mother has been whipped and arrested, my wife beaten and threatened with detention, the three telephone lines to my office and residence cut and they remain cut to this day, my office and home have been ransacked on three different occasions and personal and family property, official files and documents taken without documentation. I have been calumniated in the press and on satellite television before the whole world by a Rivers State government anxious to prejudice the mind of the public and to convince the public of my guilt even before trial. Only recently, before the United Nations committee for the Eradication of Racism and Discrimination in Geneva, an official delegation of the Federal Government which included the Special Adviser on Legal Affairs to the Head of State, Professor Yazudu, declared me responsible for the murders which are the subject of this Tribunal, even before Tribunal has found against me or anyone guilty”

Before Ken Sarowiwa made this speech; he was certain the end had come for him; he was only addressing this speech to you Niger Delta Avengers and other faithful freedom Fighters in our land. He was only telling us what he had passed through with hope that we would pay back his oppressors and killers. Nigeria had chance to dialogue with him but because of the hatred they have for us; they murdered him. Nigeria had the chance to address this but they found joy in killing us since 1966; today nothing has changed yet. Ken Sarowiwa is angry with every single one of us; if destruction of pipeline is the life of Nigeria; we have to engage it and destroy everything. If engaging the rampaging soldiers is the option; we must make Sarowiwa proud and give him rest by dismantling this evil called Nigeria that took his life.

It pains me that his life was taken which the current President has a hand in, but it aches my heart that he passed through a lot of State humiliations, his properties stolen and wife molested if not raped. He was denied food and our father died a hungry man, they respected not his rights nor considered a good health before his murder. His mother was whipped and arrested, his home burgled and many things stolen. Ken Sarowiwa was treated like a petty criminal for fighting what is right and I tell you; he has done his part and it is wise to learn and fill the gaps he left. Ken Sarowiwa will be betrayed if Nigeria is allowed to thrive after everything he passed through. They can never make Sarowiwa a State hero, only your Biafra can make him that and give him peace. We must understand what is before us and strive to make the difference our fathers could not make. No negotiations whatsoever would solve our problem, only a sovereign state where there shall be no minority or internal interference, and Sarowiwa will rest in peace.

Sadly, in recent time, I have only heard about GLJM going about the agitation though with a different reason; while Avengers and CLM that have the legacy of Ken Sarowiwa have not sustained our peak expectation. I am not rejoicing at the letter that was lodged to Buhari; I need more than words because I have boasted so much that we shall get it right this time around. Nigeria is not a State common sense prevails and this is why dialogue will not work. Let the boom! be multiplied this time that it shall create a quick rhythm that we can dance. Hence boom is the only thing that cuts the life of Nigeria; you must continue it until we take away the life they took from Sarowiwa. Until Nigeria dies; Sarowiwa will keep suffering in death. They are also killing our people and it is high time we thought of engaging the soldiers than dying helplessly.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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