By Godwin Chinedu
October 05, 2016

One hundred & two years after the fraudulent amalgamation of the people of Biafra, Oduduwa and the Arewa to an unholy union named Nigeria. The unthinkable is happening as millions of Biafrans home and abroad ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has launched a bold protest and demonstration against the Nigeria government and international community, demanding for the total restoration of their nation - Biafra, which was wrongly and forcely robbed them in 1914 when the British Empire came and amalgamated them with the uncircumcised jihadists and terrorists in the north.

The foundation of Nigeria has been overrun and the government of Muhammed Buhari is powerless, having violate the human rights of the Biafra people by mass killings and state-sponsored abductions. October 1, 2016, unarguably should be the last of it kind in Nigeria as it celebrated 56th year of independence.

In my various interviews with Nigerians, many said that there is nothing to celebrate than fraud, hunger, death, bribery and corruption. Most stated it so clear that they have lost faith in Nigeria, stressing on the fact that the Nigeria government since 1960 when it gained independence from the British colonial government has never deliver on their promises but rather see it as an avenue of enriching themselves. Others spoken to said they are celebrating 56 years of dictatorship and tyranny, stating that a government that fail to obey court order and still claims it is fighting corruption must be fraudulent, they further said that at this point nobody is happy or ready to be addressed as a Nigerian.

Those I interviewed declared their support for the Indigenous People of Biafra and their brave leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, whose only weapon of warfare is truth. They advised Biafrans to keep up on the good work until Nigeria is completely buried and from its ashes the original indigenous people such as Biafrans will take over their ancestral land. It is very clear that as the result of the level of efforts geared towards the revolution by IPOB, it shows that Nigeria has fallen.

Mr.Godwin Chinedu writes for BiafraPost
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