By Ifeanyi Chijioke
October 14, 2016

When the Court which was billed to hold last week collapsed as a result of the premeditated absence of Nigerian lawyers; it was clear they have admitted defeat and running away was only to buy time before they are buried. I have earlier said that ECOWAS court will be a hard nut to crack for Nigeria, they can influence Nigerian Supreme Court and every other court in Nigeria, but ECOWAS court has a pedigree of justice and legacy to keep. Lobbying the honorable Court will be a disaster because unlike Nigeria, corruption is alien and the primary purpose of the establishment of the community Court was to check corruption.
When the Court declared last week that it would not hold and subsequently made it clear that on the adjourned date, the court will hear the case irrespective of who is absent or present was a clear warning that this is a court that would not give in to corruption. It is really absurd that Nigeria would joke and show such level of disrespect to a community Court by abandoning it for their so called Kaduna Court. While it is clear to the keen followers of the case that their absence was as a result of having no argument upon why they incarcerated Nnamdi Kanu; the truth is, running away from the case is a sign that they have admitted defeat.
Nnamdi Kanu as a political prisoner or a prisoner of conscience is as a result of executive influence or control of the Nigerian Court and with the knowledge that ECOWAS Court cannot be influenced or controlled; Nigerian government has already admitted defeat. Nigeria is a country where everything is possible and the President functions like an Emperor but outside the shores of Nigeria, where law is supreme, Nigeria always fail and indeed, corruption has not engulfed the world, though Nigerians think it is everywhere because everywhere you go in Nigeria is corruption.
ECOWAS Court is a level ground for legal battle, in Nigeria, Buhari’s lawyers would always be the first to come to the court and have their seats; shouting on top of the voices and authoritatively making their arguments; but on a neutral ground, they shy away and unable to make a case. I am yet to see the lawyer that would come to oppose a political prisoner or a prisoner of conscience in a democratic dispensation in 21st century, many years after the fall of Emperors; another Emperor has risen in Nigeria.
Would Nigerian lawyers go to ECOWAS court to tell them that self-determination is illegal when UN 2007 Convention declared it legal? Would they go there to tell ECOWAS court that Spain is stupid for not incarcerating the leader of the Catalonia People? Would they go there to tell ECOWAS that one man committed treason? Would they go there to tell ECOWAS that Nnamdi Kanu asked for referendum, and it is a crime against Nigeria? I still don’t know what they would likely go there to tell the Court, would Buhari tell them to say Nnamdi Kanu came into Nigeria without passports nor has dual citizen? The reality is that Nigeria has admitted defeat in ECOWAS Court and running away was inevitable.
Having made it clear that on the 8th of November being the adjourned date, the court will hear the matter before it, this is a triumph against corruption and Nigeria is bound to lose because not even absenteeism would save them this time around. Should they opt to argue, it would definitely be interesting to hear what they will tell the world. It would definitely amount to constitution of a nuisance to walk to the Justices of ECOWAS Court and prove to them how self determination is a crime or trumped up charges can stand. It would be interesting to hear them say only masquerades would testify and then provide evidences against Nnamdi Kanu. ECOWAS Court would not give them room to illegally thrive and without corruption, Nigeria is bound to lose in everything they do.

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters



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