By: Elyn Barata Davila 
Octomber 14, 2016

As: Chisomu Ifeoma Ada Biafra;

 Being am in a far east writing for my ever dear Biafra land of the Rising Sun, I saw and in-vision a  king full of wickedness and a man of disaster a tyrant leader  Mr President of the jungle zoo Nigeria. He being a great crocodile father of the dangerous dark lake  Nigeria so every living creature moving in there is in danger from his attack anytime. He being the swamp king of a killer lake empire Nigeria, he is an excellent predator and nuisance of his kingdom.

 Zoo President Muhammadu Buhari had nothing done in his throne but to take a bath in the blood of the Biafrans. It cannot be denied that he want the paradise Biafra to be his and that his zoological kingdom survives and continue.

First I look at him as a  dragon full of fury due to his people do not believe his power any more over Biafrans. I saw him a  mighty dragon having fallen to the soil mountain of million ants and was troubled and full of pain and unrest due to his trouble from every side.Although him being a dragon but cannot fight with the struggling ants in their home autonomy where the  Buhari dragon had fallen and wanted the place to be taken as his, he had fail and frustrated.

Secondly, I look at him as a serpent having his tail was taken,  and his tail was found in between teeth of a  mighty Lion. So his power was ineffective  due to the absence of his tail being in possession of the mighty lion so he cannot draw near to the Lion even to face him in any court,  so funny powerless serpent.

Then the third vision I had with Buhari, was he a  huge palm tree, having likely to a coconut tree having so much fruit around him and so much leaves so healthy and active. But in the process of time the fruits one by one falling into the ground daily falling until it remains no more fruits save the palms of the leaves clavering. But

 But when a  day passes the palms also got weathered and dried up so it all dies and dried. Then the last was the trunk itself the tree while the season and weather were good and peaceful the palm tree was yawn down and fallen like a giant dragon so high fall to the ground. And when it was cut in the body it was found nothing inside of it no more woods are found but worms and decayed textures of wood due to much worms so it falls due to the unknown disease it had inside.

Everything that I saw Buhari has no good thing to show and I cannot find even a single good in it. I am a Filipino, and I live in the Philippines, but I  am very thankful that Nigeria had  Biafra which is the last hope of the so-called Dark  Area jungle Islamic kingdom.

Buhari is an ignorant massive reach that sucking blood every moment from his people and especially the Biafrans. He cannot be a  leader; he cannot be a father to any nation,  country or empire.
Buhari is the greatest man of perdition and disgrace.

Miss.Elyn Barata Davila writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters


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