Kuje Prison 
By Ifeanyi Chijioke
September 12 2016

Before I sail on, I will like to emphasize on something very important, Nnamdi Kanu is the leader of over 70 million people and not just a people but fanatics that love their nation and would do anything for their leader. We saw how fearless they were during the period they were being massacred for peacefully coming out on the streets to demand the freedom of their leader. Whilst the massacre was sustained, the fanatical lovers of their leader and nation fearlessly stood their ground. Until an order came from radio Biafra that protest will be suspended for the time being; an order they believed was from their leader, they heeded and left the streets while agitation continued internationally.
There is a huge plea for his command and entire people of Biafra are ready to die for the sake of his love; let no man dare the life of Nnamdi Kanu or death will never leave Nigeria or the Nigerians that orchestrated or spearheaded his murder. Biafra is an ideology and Nnamdi Kanu has been embroiled in that ideology that he has become the allegory of the ideology. Attempting to murder Nnamdi Kanu is a huge mistake that would cost both the Monkey and the Baboon; nobody will be left from what will spill out of the mistake.  With sufficient international awareness created so far by Nnamdi Kanu and Indigenous People of Biafra; anything murder will only spell glorious doom for Nigeria and yet break the country into pieces.
While the court has been bought and the Indigenous People of Biafra are under execution and occupation; being slaughtered by the Nigerian military and kidnapped by the Nigerian Police. Forced to disappear in the dead of the night and whisked away in the broad daylight. There has been endurance in spite of these provocations and there has been relative peace in spite of this tribal hatred and religious bigotry. The leader of Indigenous People of Biafra has been incarcerated against court orders and made to suffer inhuman and degrading treatments; with hope that he will be released to them; there have been fortitude and perseverance from the waiting youths.
Should anything go wrong or the leader of the People of Biafra gets murdered, the people would not wait for any justice which has been denied until the deed was done. Nobody will wait for international community that never found the legs to come. Nobody will listen to plea to be peaceful that has inflicted more violence on them. The reason to remain alive will be shattered that death will be a worthy thing to embrace. Not only will they embrace death which has been regularly proven on the streets of Biafra, but this time, everything in Nigeria will die with them.
What the people of Biafra cannot endure is the news of the murder of their leader and that will eventually draw the line of eternal bloodshed. I don’t see murder stopping even though Biafra is given on a platter of gold because there would be a feeling of incomplete Biafra without Nnamdi Kanu. There would be bloodshed and all out war in Nigeria that nothing can contain. It is very crucial to know that once the people of Biafra set a match, nothing can stop them and when they are set on the path of war, neither can anything stop them and even the man that feels he has the capacity to execute war against them will plead at the end of the day. Despite lack of awareness and support in 1967, Gowon with international support could not defeat the people of Biafra until he pleaded no ‘No victor no vanquish’.
I have asked myself why all of a sudden Dasuki and top Nigerians in Kuje Prison decided to riot to the extent of Wardens shooting sporadically and shooting of tear gas and I came to the ultimate conclusion that Nnamdi Kanu is only being targeted in Kuje Prison to be murdered. There can never be riot in Kuje Prison because according to the information coming from the Prison; Nnamdi Kanu’s presence harmonized the Prison with football sponsorship the testament of that fact.
While Nigerian government is looking for a reason to anchor their master plan of murder, it is crucial to bring to their notice that the Indigenous People of Biafra are not concerned about the reason or what transpired in Kuje prison. Nnamdi Kanu is under custody and his life is in the hands of Nigerian government. The government is responsible for anything that happens to Nnamdi Kanu and this is why Nigeria will be brought to ashes, it would burn and burn that nothing will be left. They are Biafrans and when they decide a thing, they always win in that thing.
It would be in the best interest of Nigeria to put to end the plan to murder Nnamdi Kanu because the plan will backfire. To murder Nnamdi Kanu is to murder every innocent and guilty Nigerians; his murder will not be a thing to end with war but will run into further State assassination and after Biafra is restored the war will further. Until the men that imprisoned Nnamdi Kanu is down with every other Nigerians and Biafrans; the effect of Kanu’s murder will never go. And there is enough conviction that the man embroiled in the Biafra ideology will take the issue of murder to the next generation and generations to come. By attempting to murder Nnamdi Kanu; Buhari is setting generations against generations.

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters


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