Former British Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned from the UK parliament “with immediate effect”.
“It is not going to be possible to be a normal backbencher as a former prime minister,” Mr. Cameron told the BBC on Monday.
He added that his presence in parliament could be a “distraction” for his successor as Prime Minister, Theresa May.

Mr. Cameron had pledged to support Mrs. May, who “has got off to a cracking start” since she became the nation’s leader in July.
The ruling Conservative Party elected Mrs. May to lead the country after Mr. Cameron resigned following his failed campaign to persuade voters to remain in the European Union in Britain’s Brexit referendum.

He said at the time he planned to remain in Parliament although he would no longer have a leadership role in the Conservative Party.
Mr. Cameron’s unexpected announcement on Monday will trigger a bye-election for his seat in Oxfordshire.

It was not immediately clear when the bye-election for his seat would take place.
Mr. Cameron promised to support the Conservative Party candidate chosen to replace him in the bye-election that would be held to fill the vacancy.
He won re-election in 2015, but his position became untenable after losing the EU vote on June 23.


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