Nnewi community

The Hausa com­munity in the in­dustrial town of Nnewi, Anambra State has expressed desire to have separate resi­dential quarters for its members in the town.

In an interview with The AUTHORITY af­ter the Eid-el-Kabir prayers, the leader of the Hausa community in Nnewi, Alhaji Muham­madu Diyar, described Nnewi as a wonderful host community which has given opportuni­ties to them to actual­ise their potential and that the accommodat­ing gesture should be followed up with a gra­cious release of a quar­ter that would be dedi­cated to the Hausas.

Alhaji Diyar said that if the dream of a quarter is realised, the Hausa community can then proceed and build a market in the town where they can ply their trade as well as a place of worship.

He said that he has made the position known to the state governor, Chief Wil­lie Obiano who has promised to look into the matter, noting that the governor has been very helpful to mem­bers who desire to go for pilgrimage.

The Chief Imam of Nnewi, Alhaji Garba Yusuf, prayed for the sustained peace, growth and development of Ni­geria. He urged all Ni­gerians to learn to live together as brothers no matter their creed and language.

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