By: Elyn  Barata Davila
September 22, 2016

As: Chisom Ifeoma Ada Biafra;

In our basic unit of society the family, if the father is a criminal then the family is unsafe morally, Psychologically, emotionally, and mentally troubled every time. Likewise, if the village is lead by a wicked man, then the every street will be full of wickedness and bloody.

So as well a  province or state  be lead by a foolish and wicked governors so then the  whole community be  friends and  a playground of all criminality and lawless violence are in every corner be observed unpunished. How much more if the country is being led by a tyrant father and dictator and evil, then expect blood shall flooding over every street and byways of that country.

It had been a faithful saying,  a tooth for a tooth,  and an eye for an eye, but in this type of country Nigeria is very much different from generally a tyrant government, but it goes beyond levels of evil works of the devil. What I am trying to say is that their tyrant President is unfit to be the ruler of the free people. 

He is in some decades for a long time have abducted his own citizens," IF" you Mr Muhammadu Buhari do claims you want that one Nigeria why killing the  Biafrans? If you an active parliament why are you afraid of the Igbos? And to the worst your overall federal system why afraid to a one man to be lost behind bars? 

Truly your government has been a long year's recession Mr Muhammadu Buhari, and you are not the legitimate president of these free people and the whole  Biafra land you have no right and basis of claiming they are of your

When your make makes governors who are feeding by the sucking of the blood flowed from your evil bloody lips, want to hijack Biafra it was on your order and will to devour Biafra...Why? 

You are not a strong man Mr. fake President made by the father of all Tyrant  Obama, do not show false peace behind your brokenness and recession. You are more than troubled than the whole Biafra whom you want all blood to suck like a hungry demon in your fury.

Biafra is of God, and you cannot defeat Biafrans!!!! Nigeria is a corrupt country of no constitutional basis to independent states cleaving. Biafra is a free country, and you know it well Mr Muhammadu Buhari, yes you can bind a body, but you cannot bind the spirit of the true Biafrans. You can kill the body, but  you cannot kill the soul which is by millions now charging over you in your recession!

They are the seed sown by your criminal government Mr Buhari the thousands of men are still alive, and each is asking for your pay to the living Biafrans.... Every breath of you we know are full of troubles and unrest spirit of depression. Freedom is the side power of us Biafrans. And this Freedom that we are embracing now even an inch of  departing we will not deviate from it for it  now ours to rule in the  Power and glory of our majesty Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and to all Biafrans great  and small  we cherish  our Freedom and  sweet Liberty just waiting its  final time from now  to be  given birth.

Biafra is for God and the people of God the Biafrans. Our leader in his excellency of the spirit mazi Nnamdi Kanu you will lose him free by the mandate of your well or not  God will do it by force! My president of the fake country zoo Nigeria! You have only one life, and too soon it will be over, it cannot be extended for another 50 years from now its impossible so why this hardening of your soul? 

If your bloody god can save your recession by the blood of innocent then why after several times of your killings your zoo kingdom not improving? But GOD our GOD  shall be your judge and this is the truth Mr Muhammadu Buhari. 

And every minute of time in your deep trouble now is your payback to our people you've been worried about and abducted their rights and peace. But  Biafrans we are  not criminals,  we are not inhuman  we still want  this best wishes to your recession Mr Muhammadu Buhari 

Miss.Elyn Barata Davila writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters



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