By: Elyn Barata Davila
September 22, 2016

As: Chisom Ifeoma Ada Biafra

All abundance of joy in life lies in the principle of Freedom. And Freedom seed of Liberty is like a  goodly seed expecting to suffer to die, buried to rise a new one in full strength of freedom to grow as it pleases to be. What I am insinuating here is that Freedom if genuine is not just an easy to achieve. Like a law of farming, being just industrious is not enough to have a bountiful successful harvest. It needs knowledge and system to follow and factors to consider a good crop.

Any person  who desired to struggle for freedom search, should  follow the simple but profound law of the farmers. Our dear hero Mazi Nnamdi Kanu very well knows  that all his suffering and torment and illegal detention, are just a good ground for the  genuine seeds of life been shed by our much thousands of heroes the Biafrans from 1967 -1970  genocide and  also until 2011 shedding of lives 
as a pleasant seed to the ground to grow thereby, every drop of blood cannot be forgotten in the field of Freedom harvest.

Our dear forefathers first prepare the freedom farm of the Biafrans the first Biafran heroes in 1967-1970 preparation with a full hope at the right season like this of ours. The rule of our first heroes freedom planters are don't just to plant the freedom seed; they see to it that it is a real and genuine freedom seed because they believed that bad seeds would just produce a bad harvest in the future, while the right seed is the promise of thousands of forests.

NEXT..They do the careful cultivation from watering, it with the blood of our more heroes of freedom, while the activists are doing the wedding and giving the right amount of nutrients for prevention from inclement weather which the zoo Nigeria may breathe upon the right field again and again. All our past heroes and  present stars even our dear Mazi Nnamdi Kanu  very much in full assurance that after a long patience of waiting, a good harvest will follow.

We are here by now with the inspiration of our dear Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of its vast and unselfish leadership to eliminate any of these natural elements harmful elements in this process of the struggle that will jeopardise our fruitful freedom harvest.

The LAW OF FREEDOM  which also I regarded as the  LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT; or I may connect it to the IRON LAW of  FREEDOM DESTINY. It is a simple yet very powerful principle. It defines that there is a specific effect for every cause. And for every action right or wrong there is a reaction. 

This LAW teaches that FREEDOM is not an accident, or a piece of bread to beg for. FREEDOM and LIBERTY success is the result of doing certain, specific things or actions over and over again fighting until we achieve the fruits of FREEDOM DESIRED.
But the  fearful warning of this principle of FREEDOM to the Zoo is that 

Miss.Elyn Barata Davila writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters


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