Nnamdi Kanu In Court On 26 September 2016

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
September 29, 2016

Don’t read this article yet, fasten your seat belt, be you black or white, European or African, Asian or Indiana,  Nigerian or Biafran, we must stand behind Nnamdi Kanu in his fight against corruption. Corruption is our biggest enemy and if we can have a better world where every man can be free, then we must start fighting corruption anywhere we see it. We must start with Nigeria where we have seen it in greatest quantity.
I will not pity Nigerian judiciary for any reason, it can go on and on and keep disgracing itself, I am very happy that the world is watching. One man was accused of treason from London, I am a keen listener of Radio Biafra and I can tell you that what I have frequently heard from the Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra is; “Give us Biafra or kill us all” he further stated “Let nobody take us into the path of violence, if any one does, nothing will remain in Nigeria. We are saying, give us Biafra, we want to stay on our own”. However you might want to interpret this; I see it as a decent and frank demand; nobody would expect Nnamdi Kanu to go on his knees and beg for the freedom of his people.
It is very unfortunate that after this decent and frank demand; Buhari advanced and arrested him. Now the question is why did he arrest the young man? This is like a man that gave birth to a child and the child grew up only to tell the Father that he wants to leave the house and go elsewhere because he had became a man, instead of the Father to say no, you will remain in this house or yes, you can go; he just brought in the child and started beating him for asking for something. Was Nnamdi Kanu arrested because he has no right to ask for anything? Could he had started fighting and destroying everything instead of make a demand? Will Nnamdi Kanu kill Buhari if he opposes his demand? Why exactly was Nnamdi Kanu arrested?
Firstly, Buhari arrested Nnamdi Kanu and accused him of terrorism, we observers sat down and investigated the activities that could have resulted to terrorism; we saw nothing. Has Nnamdi Kanu killed any man in his life? Has he maliciously damaged any property before in his life? Has he ever raised a gun against anybody before in his life? When we found out that the man is a corporate and highly educated man; who lived in London and has been law-abiding all his life, we wondered where terrorism charge came from. At first we thought Buhari was hallucinating but he objected, fortunately the court was there to prove it right that he is under influence. When the court discharged and acquitted Nnamdi Kanu; the judiciary showed a level of determination and decency but just before the end of the praise; the pig was already in another swamp.  
The damaging of the Nigerian judiciary started when two competent courts ordered that Nnamdi Kanu be released but Buhari flouted the orders. His reason was very simple; he is the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria. In this Republic, the President is an Emperor, he does anything he wants, kill Mr Obi for shouting and crown Mr Shehu for shouting, this is simply a banana Republic. This is why you see Buhari clamoring for Palestine independence and killing Biafrans for clamoring for their own. The funniest of all charges was the migration; after the court had stricken out the first trumped up one; the second one came in. now we are not talking about Terrorism, we are talking about treason, to me the rhyme is sweet and maybe quoting of the charges is because of the sweetness of the rhyme.
We have migrated, Buhari said that for Nnamdi Kanu to ask or demand to be on his own, he has usurped his government. Let me illustrate, a child asked his family to look into giving him his benefit of the family so he can go on his own. Instead of the father of the family calling the child closer to dialogue or convince him on the reason he should keep his benefit with the family; he pounced on the child and locked him in the room and told the kindred that the child wanted to kill him and take over the family. Then you began to wonder the possibility of such thing; ok, good, if the child wanted to kill the father, can the father show the knife, gun or weapon or how the child wanted to execute the plan, evidence! The father was mopping because there was nothing as such.
Nnamdi Kanu committed treason against millions of Nigerian forces; listen we are talking about one man, the man planned to kill all the Nigerian forces and then take the seat of power from Buhari. How did Buhari quickly forgot that Nnamdi Kanu was recently asking him to sanction referendum or UN will do that for him? How is this man unaware that Nnamdi Kanu has nothing to do with Nigeria but asking for his own Biafra? We all know is not possible for one man to commit treason and that is the case Nigerian judiciary allowed into a hallowed court. Instead of striking out such joke and merit-lacking charges; a learned judge with brain sat down to listen to nonsense and that was how Nigerian judiciary exposed the long concealed corruption that had destroyed it.
The question is why can’t Nigerian judiciary stand and interpret self-determination to the accusers that seem to be poorly informed of what Nnamdi Kanu is agitating for? Why can’t Nigerian Judiciary boldly tell Nnamdi Kanu’s accusers that agitation is a tenet of democracy we all paid family price to enjoy today? Why can’t the Nigerian judiciary majestically tell Nnamdi Kanu’s accusers that for signing and domesticating UN 2007 charter that they gave Kanu the right to ask for what he is asking today? Why can’t Nigerian judiciary assist the accusers of Nnamdi Kanu and remind them that peacefully making a demand is lawful?
Inability to interpret self-determination charter is simply corruption, we are all aware how much corruption can seal one’s lips and it has sealed the lips of the Nigerian judiciary.  A man was accused in the open and the accusers pleaded to try him in secret but was denied by the Nigerian judiciary; only the judiciary to come back the next day and overruled itself that the man accused in public shall be tried in secret, what a State? They cannot prove to the world how one man committed treason and for that reason they sought secret trial to prove to themselves alone. This is indeed a funny State where everything is possible; where truth is an act of terror.
The first trial judge stepped down from the case when his order was not obeyed, he was wise to leave. The second trial judge, who proved stubborn, ruled and overruled himself; persisted even when he was told there is no confidence in him, he has finally stepped down because justice must be visibly dispensed without corruption. I remembered when a P.A to Buhari told the now detained National leader of IPOB that no court in Nigeria would be allowed to give justice to Nnamdi Kanu; that is what is on the table right now. Following this latest disgrace, it is unsure if this position would continue but no matter what happens, Nigerian judiciary could not interpret self-determination charter due to deep corruption and it is the priority of Nnamdi Kanu to keep fighting corruption and time for everyone to stand behind him.

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters 


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