By Ifeanyi Chijioke
September 05 2016 

From Chima Philip Effiong Osuji to Ikemba Biafra and finally to Jonathan Kurubo from Bayelsa, Vanguard news will keep disgracing itself. Having named a faceless leader and everything about REIPOB not able to have a touch of reality; it would be fair to conclude that REIPOB is the imagination of Vanguard news as propelled by FG of Nigeria. REIPOB is a name formed and managed by Vanguard news to have an edge in the war against Nnamdi Kanu. Having arrested him and everything seems to be going as he planned; they have contracted Vanguard news to push further. While Vanguard news has decided to play the game; it is clear that nobody from Biafra agreed to be used hence they made the name REIPOB a property of vanguard.

The reality remains that there is nothing like breakaway IPOB and neither can there ever be one; the people of Biafra from Bayelsa to Anambra are fanatical about their nation. I read the news of a breakaway IPOB from Vanguard with joy because it shows that FG is restless; frustration can lead someone into any kind of thing and FG of Nigeria is in one. While I was waiting patiently to get the names of the leader of REIPOB; I was only told it was a certain Jonathan Kurubo from Bayelsa who studied locally and internationally. What a childish play? I could not stop laughing because even Vanguard news could not identify who really brought press release to them. At least, finally, they now agree that Bayelsa is part of Biafra after so many years of divide and rule. It is therefore important to note that REIPOB exists only on the pages of Vanguard news. While the group could not name a single person as its leader; it would be wise Vanguard do more by telling us about the name of who paid them and gave them press release to say IPOB ‘divided’ or was it solely the idea of FG? I am very convinced that by now; Vanguard should be regretting ever listening or accepting money offered to them to promote lies.
The people of Biafra were patiently waiting for the leadership of REIPOB to emerge but sadly on the day the leaders were supposed to emerge; nobody agreed to be named or take responsibility which leaves Vanguard and FG with no choice but forging a name it said was from Bayelsa. Bayelsa as part of Biafra is a great credit to IPOB and this however shows that FG is nothing but worthless thinker. Nobody knows the name mentioned and neither was the people aware of such name; the people of Biafra are watching and can’t see or feel the existence of REIPOB which therefore makes them non-existing group. I have made it very clear; ideology is not what one fight the way Nigerian government is fighting. Ideology is what you fight sincerely; if Buhari’s use of Vanguard News to soil the name of IPOB will give any result, it would be only a disaster.
The Youths of Biafra had threatened to banish anyone found opposing Biafra restoration in a desperate way and that they would live it if need be. There seems to be awareness that Biafra has become a religion, which the people would die for what they believe in and that has played a role in making sure that nobody accepted to be used by Vanguard News and Nigerian government to executing their breakaway news strategy. The REIPOB is formed and managed by Vanguard Newspaper and they have not given the vital clearance needed. Who is Jonathan Kurubo and who is Ikemba Biafra; they fell from heaven or emanated from the mind of Vanguard?
It is a very big shame that a media house such as Vanguard will drag itself to the mud with lies and unethical journalism. While REIPOB remains faceless and claiming one unknown Jonathan is the leader, mentioning names of people that have rebuked them and all sorts of rubbish as negotiator; it remains to be known if Vanguard is trying to establish negotiation for the FG of Nigeria. It is therefore crucial to hold Vanguard to explain who the so called faceless REIPOB is and failure to explain, they should make public who gave them the press release they publicized. Vanguard has rubbished its reputation; consequently, REIPOB was the idea of Vanguard and FG. People are yearning to see or know who REIPOB is or where they come from. Who is Jonathan Kurubo that studied internationally and locally? Who is Ikemba Biafra that is the spokesman of the group; there is desire to know who they are.
Jonathan Kurubo is a name from the sky as nobody knows him or his family; if this REIPOB is not the imagination of Vanguard news, they should do investigation and bring to the public the personality it claimed is the leader of REIPOB. The people of Biafra challenge Vanguard to make clear the personality or apologize as it has left journalism for politics. This should be able to convince all and sundry that there is nothing like REIPOB and neither can the imagination of Vanguard news have any impact on the Biafra project. Biafra will always overcome any hurdle put before it because it is an ideology its time has come.

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters 


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