By Ifeanyi Chijioke 
September 24, 2016 

I don’t expect another round of media propaganda against this ‘absolute protest’ from the unprofessional Nigerian media but if it comes, the world must consider there is no option for a dead man. This protest is so obvious that there was no car leaving the popular Onitsha-Asaba Bridge which is a sufficient sign that nothing happened in Biafra land from Bayelsa to Abakiliki. Pictures can speak more than my words and I love the update that flooded the internet. There is no hiding place for lies but should anyone lie; the people of Biafra must do enough to let the truth shine.
Not only are we now convinced that the entire people of Biafra are serious with the restoration of their nation; they have also turned in a character that has gotten them a vote of confidence. We can now look back at yesterday Friday, the 23rd of September as a day the people of Biafra from Bayelsa to Anambra made a freedom statement. Not only was I shocked at the compliance of the order; by the time the people of Biafra were jubilating with me in the evening to mark the end of their successful ‘sit at home protest’ they told me that they need more of such avenue to show to the world that they are ready for their freedom.
When this ‘sit at home protest’ was announced by Nnamdi Kanu, a man that has been in detention since October 2015 for simply asking for the independence of his people- Biafra, in the most civilized, peaceful and lawful way. Few months after his arrest, Southsouth and Southeast erupted in protest which cowardly and cluelessly resulted to military action against them. Killing in hundreds that ran into thousands coupled with forceful disappearance and execution of the people. I was firstly afraid that the ‘sit at home’ might not go down well due to the serious involvement of Nigerian government to thwart the protest and coupled with the late media campaign launched against the protest. The Nigerian military even crossed the line by warning the people that they would pay dearly if they obey the command; citing that there is only one commander in chief who can order the people to observe such protest.
I seriously fell ill in the eve of the protest and could not do much when Biafra Reporter’s publisher called my attention to a news headline urging IPOB to ignore the ‘sit at home protest’; he urged me to respond to the enemy’s dart, and the Nigerian media attack was accurately timed in a way that will make IPOB have not enough time to counter them. The information worsened my illness and I left my computer; praying the media campaign and warning by Nigerian military comes to zero. The latter was the case and when I woke up in the morning of yesterday 23rd of September; I was fit enough to drive round the city of Onitsha where I entered two days before Friday.
The congested city I met just two days ago was deserted, this is not the first time the people of Biafra have observed sit at home protes; but they have never really observed a ‘sit at home’ as magnificent as what I saw. Anything that could close down Onitsha main market has closed down the economic activities of the people of Biafra; the ever stubborn money conscious and business-crazy people of Biafra forfeited their shops; indeed the call for Biafra restoration has reached their bone marrow; they are now obsessed and no wonder they stand fearlessly before a happy-trigger soldier and pay with their lives. An experience I have had a couple of times in an effort to cover events.
With Biafra land shut down, a development that took the Government by surprise that they began to wonder is Buhari still the chief commander of the Biafra nation. Calls flooded my phone from Rivers and Akwaibom and Bayelsa that the order is being adhered and Delta State was like a lost land. This passed strong message to the Government of Nigeria; they would be asking questions how that was possible but won’t deny the fact that the total compliance to the order has passed a vote of confidence on Biafra Independence.
It is therefore fair to once more congratulate Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB for such a tremendous move that has convinced the people of the world that the people of Biafra are set but just waiting the sound of the whistle. Whatever that might have made the entire people of Biafra to comply with the order in a magnificent way is not less than what Nnamdi Kanu has sacrificed for them.  As it stands, this protest has given Biafra Independence a vote of confidence; if this is to be a referendum; Biafra won 100%.

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters


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