Photo Nigeria Forces Chasing Biafra In Biafra land
Since he was spotted in action; Ifeanyi Chijioke mounted surveillance on him and was able to find out the hotel he was lodging with his colleagues. They were transferred from Maiduguri to Biafra land; he told stories of how they combated Boko Haram before being transferred, and how they have been fighting Biafra activists. He became a very close friend to my source who often provided female companions; he wanted him to confide in him and see him as free person “I first started visiting the hotel his team were lodging; each time I am in the reception/bar and any of them come out from their hotel room to sit-out or cheer up; I do tell the bar man to give them any drink of their choices. I became a regular customer to the hotel; and that was how I got close to them. We started talking, I told them about my business and we sat down and drank and chat freely” my source narrated how he got close to the personnel.

There won’t be disclosure of identity or origin; they are from Northern Nigeria and one also claimed to come from Biafra land. The personnel from East don’t often speak Igbo, he speaks pigeon English and I began to have doubts, he could be lying to me but all the same, I am only here to get information on what actually is going on. They are special force and claimed to be fetish; they were trained abroad and trained at home. They laid their selves bare to me because they thought I am an ordinary person. They told me everything about them, what they do and how they survive.” My source said.

There were reports of massive transfer of troops combating Boko Haram to Biafra land; these troops are mainly of Northern origin. Since Buhari said that he would not combat Boko haram but discuss, Biafra land became his war front. He is fighting unarmed agitators, kidnapping and executing them, he doesn’t want anyone to mention Biafra and he is poised to kill. He committed genocide in Onitsha, Aba, Portharcourt, Asaba and other places. Soldiers mercilessly and with use of maximum force shot to kill hundreds of Biafrans demanding for the unconditional release of their leader. The worst massacre was the one on Biafrans who had come out in an open school field to host prayer session for the restoration of Biafra. These summed up the fact that Buhari has deployed troops to fight Biafrans; the military action against Biafran people is alive and taking lives.

At first, the personnel never wanted to talk to me but as we continued to stay together and drink, bring in female companions and share things in common, they began to have trust and we began to share stories. They told me they were transferred from Maiduguri where they were fighting Boko Haram to Biafra; they said that the mission was to kill Biafrans but they were surprised that when they came, Biafrans don’t use gun and that made it fun for them” my source said.

According to the voice record provided to Ifeanyi Chijioke, the special force personnel boasted that they were transferred to fight Biafrans calling for the division of Nigeria. “Go to Maiduguri, we stood and fought Boko haram, if you see what we saw, you will respect us. Who no know no go know; if Boko haram get you, they would not only kill you, they will cut of your manhood and allow you bleed to death. Those people are wicked and heartless, they are Muslims and they are not trained. They come in hundreds shouting Alakbar and advancing, you keep shooting them and they keep coming, these people are not human beings and because they believe that if you die fighting for Allah, that you will go to heaven” when my source questioned their combat strategy, he continued

Excavator dug the ground for us, a very shallow ground and we mount security light for night purpose, once they are coming, we shout ‘enemy’ and everybody would fall into the pit, lie down flat and target them from there. They shoot sporadically but they don’t get us so we target and shoot and at the end of the day we repel them. This is a serious war because we don’t sleep, we make use of all kinds of drugs, Tramadol, Indian hemp, gum, whatsoever you could name, we take them to stay awake and fight fear. You can’t stay there with normal eyes because you will eventually get down if you try to retreat”

This is not an easy war because if you are shot from the back, your family will not be compensated, they would say you were on a retreat and not fighting. You better stay and fight them till you can’t fight again and always reserve one bullet because if Boko haram catches you, they would painfully kill you, they will cut off your man-hood and show you before you bleed to death. So it would be better you shoot yourself. We do catch people and when we ask you your name or where you come from and you could not provide it, we shoot you immediately because you are Boko haram; Muslims are wicked and they don’t deserve to be with. What we saw in Maiduguri was hell, when they told us that we shall be coming to Biafra to combat Biafrans agitating to divide Nigeria, we were relieved because the war won’t be as that of Boko Haram. Surprisingly, we came here and saw that Biafrans have no weapon; the order was to kill and we do it with fun; I can’t hold a gun and was commanded to shoot and then I won’t shoot, am I mad, truly they are not armed but order is order” he said.
“Yes Biafrans are not used to arm and they want to peacefully restore Biafra; the government should have taken it easy with them than order for them to be killed” my source contributed to get more information.

See let me tell you the Truth I am an Igbo man; there is never a how this country will divide if Biafrans don’t take it serious with Buhari and carry guns and fight him. They will protest for Kanu’s release and fight back, if they want this country to divide and Kanu to be released, it is time for war, they must fight, carry guns like Boko haram and fight. Buhari is not playing and he is a Muslim, he is ready to kill because MASSOB are not Muslims. Just imagine that day they did protest, we were commanded to shoot them to death, Anambra state Government, Rochas Okorocha and others gave us the command and our Oga said that Buhari warned that if we don’t silence them; our Oga will be removed and order is order. We killed too many of them and because they do video we try to cover our tracks…see let me tell you how we do it. Like the day we killed them at head bridge, we shot plenty of them and the army commander we worked under told us to quickly bring tear gas and we shoot plenty of tear gas to make sure we were not captured in the videos so nobody will know our face or what we did, the smoke of the tear gas covered us and everything and scare them away. You know they always snap to go and show people how we killed them, they think they are smart but we are wise na; if we use tear gas, nobody will be able to video what happened” he narrated

BIAFRA killed our men and even disarmed some; they don’t come out with any gun. But these people are very mean and serious, how they could be coming out without gun, you know na, I can’t stay and watch you come and disarm me when I have gun and order to kill. They should better pick up their guns and let this country divide; we also want it to divide because everything is bad. We don’t get paid again; they have been owing us salary for months now. We only survive with the money we get on the road and other business we do by settling problems. See, if they take up arms, this country will divide in three months, Boko haram is fighting there and they are fighting here; we will not like to have a situation people will be fighting war that they want to stay in Nigeria; so if they pick up arms, this country will divide. Not for me o because nobody can kill me; I am trained to kill and not to be killed”

But Nnamdi Kanu has done so much and he deserves to be released before the people realize the need to fight for his release with gun. If people could be dying this way for the sake of one man, then there is the need to fear that man and take it easy with him. The worst thing is after killing them; they still come again without guns and get killed. Sometimes we pity for them because they are peaceful and unarmed people but if you don’t shoot, your commander will disarm you and exit you. Boko haram don’t fear death, they come believing that if they die, they will go to heaven. This Biafra people still come out and are dying for Kanu like Kanu is God. For me o, i want Buhari to free that boy because we don’t know what this might turn tomorrow. My advice is, if they want Nigeria to divide, there must be fight unless white people decide to talk.”

By Ifeanyi Chijioke.
For Biafra Reporters.
Published by The Biafra Post.



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