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It appears more like the killing and incarceration will be no more but until the wind of civil approach touches Nnamdi Kanu, Chidiebere Onwudiwe and other Biafran prisoners. The impending crisis may die and the military approach likely to stop. Barbarian, religious or tribally driven military approach against Biafra seems not have solved Biafra question and releasing Biafrans from detention shows a different approach may be tried. The release of IPOB members and state coordinators is not enough to pull the plug against the looming crisis as a result of Kanu’s continued detention. Nnamdi Kanu’s freedom will not only save us the danger of full blown crisis but a dawn of civilization that we can have the scenario of Catalonia and Scotland where right is respected.

There seems to be nothing much attached to this if not the freedom to expression; Biafrans want to express their right to self-determination and peacefully embrace the struggle for the restoration of Biafra. The time Biafra will be granted don’t seem to be an issue and neither do Biafrans look like war mongers. The news of the release of all IPOB coordinators and members arrested in Aba illustratively give the background of the picture I try to paint. I saw them smiling and jubilating, holding their flags and enjoying the fact they are Biafrans. I saw a group of vibrant youths lifting a released coordinator and others raising a fist into the sky- a sign of victory and a celebration of freedom.

It is unlike Nigerian government to release Biafra agitators; they often imprison or extra-judicially murder them. Yesterday in Aba was a day to remember, Buhari released all IPOB members captured alive but on another side, there is something to gnash their teeth about. Those released today are the survivors of popular massacre in a prayer session; some murdered Biafrans were disposed and used chemical weapon on in a borrow-pit while some were killed and their corpses carted away. Today they jubilate the freedom of the survivors of that massacre; it also reminds them of their comrades that died on that very day. No matter how much they may jubilate, there are still a lot to be angry about, Nnamdi Kanu there amiable leader is still in detention with their national coordinator and two others.

The release of the state coordinators and members came at a time the FG had moved through MEND to conditionally release Nnamdi Kanu. The deal which was struck by MEND received condemnation from all corners of old Eastern region; with Ohaneze kicking against that and Lower Niger congress among many others. The said deal or negotiation pitched MEND against the people and up till date there has not been further light shed on the negotiation. “I rather die than renounce Biafra” this phrase from Nnamdi Kanu ended every hope of the deal going on. This means that other measures must be reached if Biafra question should be solved and with the tender move of mass freedom of detained IPOB members and their coordinators; the FG is edging closer to handling Biafra agitation in a peaceful and civil way.

Ohaneze had claimed that it has a reliable information that crisis might break out in Southeast if Nnamdi Kanu is not released. Buhari is aware that it would be hard to contain should there be crisis in the North and double crisis in Biafra. The vandalization of oil pipelines by Niger Delta Avengers who demanded the unconditional release of Nnamdi Kanu has crippled the economy of the state and how much more having another crisis owing to that same demand. There has also been report by this writer about the Biafra sentiment in the barracks and many others. It was becoming clear that civil and peaceful approach to Biafra question is the right move in the interest of everybody. The dialogue can continue till a lasting solution is found and with the release of all Biafran detainees; it is expected that Nnamdi Kanu will follow suit.

The release of the state coordinators and all members of IPOB by the Attorney General of the federation is a sign of maturity and a move in right direction to sustain democracy and avert dangerous crisis being nurtured as a result of Kanu’s continued detention. Nigeria must understand that right to self determination is a sacred right and not alien to them. People are agitating in Catalonia, Scotland and nobody got arrested, even though Africa is underdeveloped, Nigeria should show maturity towards curbing barbarism and lawlessness. You cannot contravene international right or treaty and expect healthy diplomatic ties or international engagements and help. This decision to have released them simply shows the readiness of FG to iron out things than gun out things.

The effect of the freedom of Biafra prisoners is huge on Nnamdi Kanu’s matter. It would be recalled that they were arrested on same count charge as that of Nnamdi Kanu, as the implementers, by law they share or have equal weight before the law. If Nnamdi Kanu was charged with treasonable felony, the followers or members shall be charged with same. To have released them simply shows that they are innocent of the charges against them which should be applicable to Nnamdi Kanu. I have maintained that it is the responsibility of both Nigerians and Biafrans to see that Biafra question is amicably solved in a civil way. The military approach, detention tactics and execution approach would only present Africa in bad light. Biafra is here and there is nothing that can be done if not to listen to Biafra and solve its question.

Emma Powerful the publicity secretary of IPOB had already said that IPOB will appreciate the attorney general and this shows a people entirely ready to peacefully restore their nation. When force was the approach, IPOB responded fearlessly and now there is a lawfully and civil move, they are responding intelligently. The reality remains that IPOB is ready for any approach, both military and militia, peaceful and violent, legally and illegally; this is a people determined to get what they came for and it would be wise to neutralize ill-feelings and give a shot at negotiation. If crisis is allowed, nobody will gain and generations will suffer today’s bad decisions.

It is expected that FG will follow same pattern or approach and release Nnamdi Kanu to neutralize the situation and give room for consultations and dialogue within Biafra context. Biafra is no longer a mirage and no matter how we oppose it, Biafra cannot be conquered again but with the right approach as this; Biafra can be discussed and something can possibly happen.  We can look beyond Biafra of today; we can look beyond enmity and difference. We can think of a Biafra that would maintain a flexible tie with Nigeria and offer Nigeria her resources. We can think of a Biafra that will come after Buhari’s tenure and save the people of bloodbath likely to be triggered by Kanu’s continued detention. Since 1967 we have been shooting and incarcerating Biafra; but we could not kill it or destroy it, today I feel the need for another approach and that approach is extending the unconditional release for a civil resolution

By Ifeanyi Chijioke.
For Biafra Reporters.
Published by The Biafra Post.


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