I have taken my time to study history and the life of a Northern bigot and I can categorically tell you that nothing done for them will make them call you a brother. You will forever remain an infidel and a wise sheep to them, he might give you money he stole from your room, that same money you fought to secure for him instead of taking it, you pleaded to be a security to the man that comes and steal your money. Wisdom! Why are men so lacking in wisdom? You can bring down the moon and the stars for a Northern bigot, that does not stop you from being an infidel and neither will it stop you from being a hated man. You are a son in the house of Israel and for that reason, you shall be hated at all cost; no matter how much you please a Northern bigot or serve him. No matter how many of your people you killed for him and assisted him kill; he would still dump you when time comes for him to hold you.

After a research on why you chose to turn against the people, it was clear that you felt the people turned against you when they were in power but it is wise to let you know that you are not fighting Jonathan and neither are you fighting the past government that imprisoned your leader for bombing innocent people. We are not terrorists and we value lives, I wonder why you chose to bomb when there are plenty oil fields to bomb. I am also aware that that amnesty Umaru Musa invoked and was picked up by Jonathan when he died was the reason for this fallout. You have not only fought Jonathan for not arranging the amnesty the way you wanted but you have dared the entire people of old Eastern region. Backing a government that wants us dead and fighting our only means of survival.

You have quickly forgotten what was done to your fathers and how your mothers were raped by this same man you are standing behind. You have lost value and profaned our culture because of your desire to get rich and free your prisoners. You have promised our slavery for the freedom of your leaders and wellbeing of your families. Putting money before patriotism and considering everything business as always. You have lied to your master that The Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra accepted your inducement but rejected you publicly, oh poor you! You have decided that it is either you pull the people of old Eastern region down for Buhari or you all die trying. I have also come to tell you that you will serve him and yet he would dump you when you needed him.

Okahs’ will not be granted pardon or any form of reprieve because you still cannot get what your master wanted. You are internet based MEND and nobody knows you and neither do you have followers. You are not in the creeks and neither can you stop anything the people of Biafra want to do; you have forgotten that Biafra is a spirit and the over 5 million lives sacrificed on the altar of Biafra made Biafra a functional spirit. I am here and we will watch as the drama unfolds; Buhari will dump you in the end and neither will he see you as a brother. You are at war with your people and you beat you chest and say you are a fighter. You have contravened the laws of our land and abused the gods of our land and when the gods want to kill a man, they first make him mad. You have all gone mad; MEND you are out of your senses and the gods will strike just very soon.

After this war, Buhari will still dump you and you will find yourself in the middle of nowhere; and not even Okahs’ will be released because a criminal will always be a criminal. I told you in my first letter to calm down let us start pre-nation building of Biafra but you are more concerned about your pockets and Okahs’ so inquisitive of leaving the prison. You are ready to trade anything for your freedom and total wellbeing; ready to hand us to our enemies to be free but I assure you that you will fail immensely and yet you will be dumped. This is Biafra and Biafra is a spirit and when it would get you; you would look around but I would love you to see this open letter then.

I saw you narrating and telling us how you won the election for Buhari and how you endorsed Buhari over Jonathan and all that. Has it helped or contributed anything? You will stay here and rot and this government will soon be a history because Biafra will prevail. You have taken over the government as your government and then you fight for your government. Criminals taking over a criminal government; and now criminally fighting Biafra- Nnamdi Kanu as part of your effort to contribute to the government. You are nothing but a poor thing licking the ass of a man to have your demand met; this is unlike the children of Israel.

Okahs’ are trying from the prison to please Buhari and do everything possible to regain their freedom. They have disagreed with my view to fight like men and come out but rather be saboteurs to come out. There is no freedom in coming out without solving the problem you entered there for unless you were never prepared for what you were doing. You have also raised a standard against Avengers and accusing everybody of being behind Avengers but you are simply mad. You secured amnesty to enable you enslave us; you want to put the people under slavery for Buhari and free your leader but that is the finest mistake you have ever made.

The people are ready to fight and oppose your by all means; clearing the way for total Islamization of the people of Biafra is the worst thing that can ever happen to you dishonourable men of pleasure. Fighting every opposition against Islamization, marginalization and subjugation of the people of Biafra is the end of the road for you. The days of reckoning will come and we shall count the sins of men; Buhari will yet dump you when you needed him and this war you have embarked on will cast you in the pit of wreckage. Friends will later go but brothers will forever remain and this is a simple fact you are blind on; someday we may demand for an account of your deeds.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke writers for Biafra Post

Publisher: Akachukwu Udo.


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