I will no longer take it easy because something is really getting out of hand, I never believed Operation Moses was to enslave the old Eastern region and conquer it into the hands of Buhari. I am not ruling out the Islamization agenda being implemented through MEND because the Islamization of Turkey was done by Christians who are nothing but gluttons and for one desire or another sold the whole people out. Buhari seems to be running out of option and he simply needed saboteurs to get his job done but the reality remains that there are plenty of watchmen out there that would not give opportunity to saboteurs. MEND will be treated to their game in no distant time because Biafra is a spirit and she would knock down those that profane her.

In 1967 over five million Biafrans died and 1.5 million children in the count, innocent children that did nothing to the world were gruesomely murdered. Not only that they died a peaceful death but died with tears and hunger. I could not stop seeing the flashes of those children with tiny legs, big heads and blown stomach like a balloon filled with air. At first I thought the blown stomach was all as a result of too much food, but whatever it might be, only pains, emptiness and sufferings filled those stomachs. They walk and squat with larges eyes begging every single person that passes something to put in their mouths, bet it salt or spoilt bread.  These hopeless and wayward MEND that doesn’t exist allowed its name to be used by same man that assisted in bringing our children to such state. Not only is its name being used, they today fight against the people for the same man that perpetrated such evil on innocent Biafran children. Oh dear me! Where is the conscience of men and what does MEND live for?

When Buhari declared interest to once more contest against Jonathan; every single one of us that have memory and history remembered once more what happened in 1967. We were adamant that Jonathan will remain but on the other hand, fighting for total freedom was worthwhile. The journey begun by boycotting the election in 2015 and when Buhari took over power; it was clear that Biafra will come because we shall fight it without looking back that our own is there. Buhari first drew the line of battle by dropping prohibited Nepal bombs on the Biafran people of Cross-river and hence drew the first blood. He had vindicated the military action by saying he was in search of kidnappers and vandals but Boko haram-terrorists were never used bombs on.

When he began appointment and nobody from Old eastern region was appointed and that made it obvious that this is a government against the people of Biafra. His budget gave the region smallest percent and summed up with negligence, the government was hell bent on using the blood of Biafrans to keep his people alive. He would give Biafrans 5%attention because they gave him 5% vote and 95% to those that gave him 95% vote. Like a joke, he was on the implementation when Nnamdi Kanu opposed and demand for Biafra reached its peak. Avengers came up with other freedom fighting groups; they needed our right and what belongs to us. NDA is a disciplined group of freedom fighters but suddenly MEND rose through Buhari to carrying the banner of our affliction against us.

Today MEND has declared the takeover of the government while the people don’t know what they have done to deserve such open sabotage. Fighting everything that is for Biafrans and assisting in the purported enslavement of the people of Old Eastern region (Biafra). They have sworn to destroy the people because of one issue or another and they are poised to do that. They have decided to fight the people and destroy the only future the people have because of selfish reasoning. Their pockets always put before the wellbeing of the people and their demands above the demand of the people. This was the case when they were entrusted with the agitation, they failed woefully and today they have come back hunting the people once more.

The people of old Eastern region must wake up once more as there is a monster on our trail before we all get eaten by it. When MEND narrated how it avoided Jonathan, Jonathan visited and demanded that MEND should support him. I knew this whole story was going to end somewhere very interesting- We rejected Jonathan for Buhari and this government is today our government. They have made it clear and narrated the position; they will eventually become Ifeajuna and sell the people out for their personal gain. MEND has joined the government that is anti-people of our region to wreck havoc on the people and we must not fold our hands or we die before our time. Everybody must stand and fight now we have the chance; Islamization through MEND is not out of the card

By Ifeanyi Chijioke writers for Biafra Post

Publisher: Akachukwu Udo.


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