governor Ambode
In a recent speech made by the Lagos State governor, governor Ambode in coalition of Lagos indigenes, the Lagos state Governor in his words said that "the Igbos should park out of Lagos State, some market which were been control by Igbo-Biafrans will be moved to the proposed land, and he finally stated that Lagos state is not a colonial settlement that it is still owned by Yorubas"

Honestly in my investigations I was cleared that it was a good development and Biafrans at large welcomes it. In a telephone conversation with Mr. Chibuike ogbu, He stated that if the Lagos state

governor implement it with immediate effect that it will gladden his heart, so that our people who think that Lagos belong to them will think home. As a businessman I do travel to Lagos to buy goods, yet the Yorubas, the lazy set of people will collaborate with the police to humiliate you and your goods. Still on telephone conversation he stated that our brothers and sisters who have their business in Lagos state should with immediate effect relocate to the east, we have markets, places like Ogbete market Enugu, Rivers State, Delta, Anambra, Akwa Ibom and other Biafran states, are big enough for us to carry out our trade, not forgetting that Onitsha main market is the biggest market in West Africa.

 Our Late leader, Chief Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu the man who saw the future, while he was alive had severally urged us to come back home that they (Nigeria) will never accept or recognize our contribution to the economy of the country. Go to Nnewi the home town of Late chief chukwuemeka Odimegwu ojukwu and see for yourself if the people of that region are not up and doing in the area of business, and besides Nnewi is simply the Japan of Africa.

Nnewi people are prosperous in their land because they listened to the voice of Ojukwu, now businesses are now spreading to the Nnewi neighboring town and environs.  Our people simply and on daily basis continue to show that they are deaf and stubborn, or perhaps striving to keep one Nigeria. I still haven't forgotten the statement of the oba of Lagos during the last governorship election, when the Oba said any Igbo who didn't vote for the candidate of his choice which was this same Ambode the aspiring governor then, will be drown in the lagoon, but our people casually laughed it over cause they were  more interested in their business compared to whatever happens around them. So this might be an opportunity for them to come back home, thank you Governor Ambode and please make good your threat.

For Family Writers
By Prince Ugochukwu Olisakwe
Edited by Jenny Black
For Family Writers.
Published by Akachukwu Udo.:Read more here


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