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I would rather live in the entity called Biafra as a beggar than live as a king in this Lugard's experiment called Nigeria. Yes, it's as serious as that. The reason is what majority of black folks don't know. Now get ready because am about to burst your bubbles and expose your views to a greater height.An adage in Biafra (Igbo) language says, if you want to kill a dog, give him a sweet pet name . To your ignorance this has been the basic principle of White men for domination, oppression, supremacy and subjugation over a black man. They operate on this principle on a daily basis right from their incursion on the shores of black people till this minute am penning this piece. They give you a pet name and you begin to act like that dog in that adage. You feel loved and relevant not knowing they actually gave you that name to program you into a pit.

Have you ever wondered why all the slaves that were taken from Africa were unable to trace where they came from even after their freedom? And their descendants today still can't tell where their ancestors must have been taken from. I guess you don't know this part of the tale. This slaves were given pet names and where forbidden to bear their organic names nor speak their languages amongst themselves. The penalty for conversing in your dialect with your fellow slave is death. Hence they (slaves) were even scared to speak their God ordained given dialect in their thoughts. Almost all the first generation slaves didn't die a natural death. They were massacred after being taken away from their children and young ones. The reason for this was for them not to begin to suggest to the new ones the way back home or teach them their local dialect which might serve as a great asset in tracing their origin. You might start wondering by now, why the White man operates in the NAME-GAME, read on.

If you take a good observation of the names blacks bear in America you might end up laughing out your eye balls out. Some of them go with the name 'Mr. Fry' and his surname might be 'Pan'. Hence he is addressed as 'Mr. Fry Pan'. Some are 'Mr. Bricks' and his surname is 'Layer'. So this man is 'Mr. Bricks Layer'. I mean no disrespect but these were stupid names given to them by their slave masters and it has been rotating from generation to generation. They were just given any word as a name just for them to forget who they were. And once the memory of who they are was successfully taken away from them, they automatically became a better Slave.

The secret am trying to reveal to you here is, THERE IS DIVINE ATTACHMENT TO WHO YOU ARE AND IT MUST EXIST WITHIN YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. The moment you forget who you are and that moment you leave your God ordained given name, you become a nuisance and a vagabond. God would always address his children by the name he has give to them. O Isreal, O house of David, O generation of Abraham. Often he goes like this in time past. And this is why you must know that the organic name you bear has some sort of divine relevance. Our ancestors (Biafrans) understood this from time immemorial and that is why till date we don’t just bear any name. We still have the believe that our name has about 99% role to play on who we are or will become. It might interest you to know that this is actually the FORCE behind the Biafra agitation that has propelled it into momentum. We want our lost DIVINE IDENTITY and not restructuring.

As a matter of fact, Yakubu Gowom the chief genocidist of 1967-1970 said he had tried the restructuring of Nigeria in 1967 which apparently failed. So president Muhammadu Buhari, what is so special about this restructuring that makes you think it will work now. Enough of this experimentation to see whether Nigeria will glue or not. It is on record that Yakubu Gowon sacrificed over 3.5million Biafrans to make sure the experiment called Nigeria works, hitherto it keeps failing. Thus we Biafrans are stating clear now that our bloods shall no longer be used for experiment as we are in total consciousness now and are ready to take what is rightfully ours even if it means dying for it. Hence if you are about Nigeria and restructuring, you are 101% on your own count Biafrans out.

The white man has gained a lot of progress on the NAME-GAME because they had been operating on our intelligence and we have been ignorant of it, but now we (Biafrans) are in total consciousness and now understands their games even better than they do. For this reason BIAFRA is an Identity, BIAFRA is Pride and BIAFRA is Divine. Whereas Nigeria is an Experiment, in Self denial,  a lost IDENTITY and a modern Slavery in disguise. Have you ever wondered why the founding fathers and respected elites of the condominium Nigeria didn't bear English names? In the likes of Nnamdi Azikiwe, Tafawa Belewa, Amadu Bello, Obafemi Awolowo, Chudi Okadigbo, Odumegwu Ojukwu,Woke Soyinka
Chinua Achebe etc.They understood the power behind Identity. But today in this 21st century we have chains of degree holders and professors who claim to be informed but are Victims of mental slavery. Very pathetic! These set of people are kleptomaniac to the very subject matter of this piece "Name-Game". Informed Slaves!

Maybe you should tell me how better to define a person whose Identity or Origin cannot be told from the common name he bears. We hear names like Edwin Clark, David Mark, Ben Murray Bruce and sundry. People that has origin and organic Identity but ignorance has driven them into perpetual self denial. In fact thorough investigation will prove that they were given organic names by their parents but they prefer to bear a white man's name. A name they might not be able to tell the meaning nor define. Once I heard a white man addressing one of his boy ( a black folk) as Neeshie. And this folk always feels good, loved and special when his boss calls him that. One day I decided to investigate and inquire the meaning of Neeshie only for me to find out that it means 'Fool’. This is exactly what Nigeria sounds like. No reasonable meaning, no organic value and lack divine credence. A name we were told was given to us because there was one river called river Niger. Quite hilarious and pathetic. And I reiterate, we are not after wealth nor Presidency in Nigeria but rather BIAFRA and our lost divine IDENTITY.

They came and told you, your name is South-South, South-East, Niger-Delta, Rivers State, Abia State, Delta State and sundry. You gullibly ingested. What a pity. And I ask you, who were you before all the aforementioned geographical expression? Now this is why you have lost everything divinely given to you by God and keep waddling in travail because you now lack the knowledge of who you are. They came and divide you amongst yourselves so you can hate and fight one another in order for them to exercise their hegemonous deportment. What do you think is Divide and rule? and how do you think it works? The most rueful harm about this NAME-GAME is that it breeds and will actually get to a point it starts working on your subconscious. At this point you are a vagabond without your knowledge. Your divine Identity is lost completely. You automatically start seeing your brothers as enemies and become a pawn in the hands of your subjugators, why? Because you have left who you are. You now bear a pet name that represents self-denial. This is exactly what happened to those slaves. It's still happening today but in your subconscious. Wake UP NOW!
 Say no to every pet name like Nigeria, south-south, southeast, Niger delta and sundry. These names are not who you are and are not worth your image. Wake up and go back to who you are. Go back to your God divine given organic identity and enjoy the fruit of IDENTITY. These names where given to you to be useful tools in the hands of your oppressors. They are using you to reach where they can't reach because they know that when you stand together as one, you will be a hard nut to crack and difficult to penetrate hence they are bound to fail. Remember that saying, UNITED WE STAND but DIVIDED WE FALL.

Let me bring vividly to you this particular point I stressed above. Did you come across the word House Nigger, in your history class? This pet name was a name given to slaves who were chosen to be pawns without their knowledge. They were meant to feel they were superior and given some sort of special treatment. Lived in the house with slave masters just to make them feel they were better than those serving in the field. So this house niggers automatically, sees their brothers as enemy and inferior. Now the house (brotherhood) is divided and the slave masters would always win the war. You see the Trick? The trick behind the house nigger pet name is the same trick behind the niger-delta pet name but y'all don't know it. They told you, your name is Niger Delta and you are special because you have crude oil. So shun you brothers for they are only after that thing that makes you special. And guess what; our house is divided. So how do we win the war? Ignorantly, you begin to clamour your House Nigger pet name, Niger Delta Republic to your detriment because they have succeeded in dominating your subconscious by taking away who you are which is your organic IDENTITY. You can imagine someone from ikwerre in Biafra land telling you am not Igbo.

Am from south-south. And a person from etche will equally say am not Igbo. Am from River State in Niger Delta.This is because their subconscious has been dominated with the house nigger mentality. Your language is Biafra language and you bear Biafra names but you are not a Biafra? Really? Even Ahoada speak and bear Biafran names but this people will tell you we are not a Biafran. This is the worst thing that can ever happen to any living being; for your Identity to be stolen from you and you continue living in falsehood. Come to think of it, are you aware that IMO, Abia, Anambra which are core Biafran states are part of the said Niger Delta? So why do you keep deceiving yourselves. When you declare your Niger Delta Republic are you going to take them with you? I wish you are absorbing the facts imbued in this article.

I am concluding by reiterating again. Wake up now and embrace BIAFRA! If you are from the defunct Eastern region of Nigeria your divine organic God given Identity is 'Biafra'. Shun all pet names that has been given to you for they are perfidious. Bear your organic Identity names which has a better meaning to most of the white people's name you bear. They (White) don't bear your meaningful names in their land, so why bear theirs in your own land. Which is in fact, the first step to losing your IDENTITY. I am a Biafra by nature's Identity. What is your Identity?

By Onyedikachi Chimaobim Kalu
For Family Writers
Published by Akachukwu Udo: Read more here



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