By Ifeanyi Chijioke

It's obvious that Nigeria is now hell bent on forcing Nnamdi Kanu to renounce Biafra with his continued incarceration as a means to break him his spirit. This illegal incarceration is even at a time Nnamdi Kanu observed all the existing laws guiding self-determination. The peaceful and civil approach to Biafra restoration seems to have worked against the people of Biafra, further making them vulnerable in the hands of Nigerian soldiers. 

Hence Nnamdi Kanu’s peaceful approach has been paid back with violence and right violations, if he is drugged or broken into a renunciation of Biafra, another leader to be appointed by IPOB may spell doom for Nigeria. Let us pray and hope that Nigerian government applies the right formula on Biafra restoration because with the present formula; everybody may be heading to a situation worse than Somalia. 

Nnamdi Kanu should best be treated as a model for peaceful agitation than the unlawful dispositions against him because Nigeria might not know what Kanu has saved them by embracing peace against all odds, in spite of all provocations he still sues for peace and restrains his huge followers against violent.

I am not sure if any other person would sacrifice as much as Nnamdi Kanu has sacrificed for the sake of peace- his civil approach to restoring Biafra should be applauded but should there be a renunciation forced upon him by Nigerian govt by a means that decision will spell doom. 

The reality remains that Nnamdi Kanu has stretched Biafra restoration to a point of no return and should he even renounce Biafra today which I think it's less likely, Biafrans will appoint another leader immediately and continue where he stopped. The leader may not embrace peace like Nnamdi Kanu but may strategize for war because he will be wary of how Nigeria treated peaceful Kanu. I guess he may choose a different model for the agitation that may include acquiring sufficient weapon to fight until victory for Biafra. 

“If I go and come back and start speaking anything, not in line with Biafra restoration, disobey me and continue till Biafra is restored,” Kanu said in one of his broadcast in Radio Biafra. 

No One can stop the Biafra restoration movement by incarceration and use of military approach against the people of Biafra. If Buhari fails to understand that Biafra can cost his families in a unique reprisal; some should wake his from daydream because Biafrans will go any length to sustain this campaign. Biafran are ready to engage in another war of liberation, and I think it's inevitable going by Buhari’s approach. 

 After years of desolation of the state of Israel they later they came back strong against all odd; Biafra will likewise not only come back but will pass judgment to the generations her killer. 

Forcing Kanu to renounce Biafra could be an application of a wrong formula that could result to a deadly Nnamdi Kanu. Biafra cannot be defeated. It is an ideology its time has come, and Nigeria must admit that since 46years after first Biafra war; they could've addressed the cause of the war rather they chose to perpetrate injustice and with Kanu’s illegal incarceration. Nigeria is indeed drifting towards another war, this time, Nigeria will witness unprecedented calamity in the history of war if Buhari doesn't step back from his repressive actions.

 I was not aware of how desperate Nigerian govt want to break Nnamdi Kanu or force him to renounce Biafra until last week when they falsely claimed Nnamdi Kanu is ready to negotiate with FG on Biafra. The report went further to say that Nnamdi Kanu has agreed to forfeit agitation for Biafra and choose for his freedom from detention. As soon as the news came up, there was jubilation from Nigerians and their govt officials. They were happy that Nnamdi Kanu would finally be released, and Biafra renounced; their joy knew no limit and the sky was open for them to ascend into heaven. I could not decipher the reason there was joy, but it was not far from the fact that their slaves and prey will remain as its.

 I decided to follow the report when Premium Times released it; there were mixed reactions, Biafrans denied the report saying it cannot happen while Nigerians were ridiculing Biafrans-saying that they told them not to die for Kanu struck a secret deal with Nigeria govt to enrich himself and betray his followers. I received a call from Biafrans asking what is going on, a friend from London Efobi Anthony shared the news and demanded an explanation. I was not perturbed; I only told them that Nnamdi Kanu knows what is at stake, and he is a wise man that can control the situation; I fear him to the extent that anything he does is in line with the plan he knows alone. The news shook the entire world, and I wondered why such level of interest everyone.

Some hours later, Nigerians were already murmuring and scratching their head in regret; when the news came to them that the lawyers that spoke false of  Nnamdi Kanu in that press briefing were sacked. The reason for sacking them was their anti-Avengers statement, the statement suggesting that Kanu condemned NDAvengers. Studying the matter further, they also were not aware that Nigerian media is corrupt to an extent you must explicitly say something in a way they would not twist it against you. 

To come out and say Kanu is ready for negotiation is not that wise but to say Kanu is available for consultation on how Biafra and Nigeria will peacefully part is the wisdom and also to emphasis on it to thwart corrupt Nigeria media manipulation. 

The legal representatives should have known better what Nigeria is all about corruption and lies. Whatsoever the case may be, I still fear Nnamdi Kanu because his wisdom is beyond reach.

There is no gain-saying that Nigeria is on her knees begging Nnamdi Kanu to renounce Biafra while they're still trying hard to break him. Illegally detaining him, denying him a fair hearing and torturing him among unknown couldn't break him till this time. This injustice meted against an innocent man is the genesis of calamity befalling Nigeria and many more deadly monsters about to come if Nnamdi is not released unconditionally. 

Indeed when Nnamdi Kanu warned that nobody should take Biafra to the path of violence, they were deaf to this truth. Nnamdi Kanu is an inestimable asset to Biafra, and the people are fanatically in love with him and his philosophies. 

Should Nnamdi Kanu be forced into anything, drugged, hypnotise, killed, manipulated into anything other than discussion for peaceful Biafra exit from Nigeria, such decision would usher in a war that would place an unforeseen burden on African and the entire world.  
The doom will likely bring Kanu's warning that Somalia will be paradise to compare what will befall Nigeria should they stand against Biafra freedom.

Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for Biafra Post
Editor: EmmaNnaji
Publisher: EmmaNnaji



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