By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi

Following the coordinated event that took place at KUJE prison Abuja 29th August 2016, Biafra should apply extra vigilant because the dimension of the Nigeria govt has shifted sharply from media attack on the impeccable character of Nnamdi Kanu to physical attack. Under this circumstances, eagle eyes must be extra vigilant to roll clockwise and anti-clockwise if we must outpace this monsters. 

What happened today at Kuje prison is not a random event. Whatever excuse they might give to cover up or deceive the public, Biafrans condemned both the excuses and their actions. It's unacceptable whether it's deliberate or by error.

Enemies of IPOB should know Biafrans are not perturbed about the plots because "He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep - Psalm 121:4. 

It's to their chagrin that Biafra always triumph. They should know they are chasing shadows. Let them ask National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) what happened with closing and jamming Radio Biafra. They won't be smiling narrating the humiliation they suffer in the hand of IPOB.

Somebody should help Buhari to pull off the scales in his eyes so he could see clear that IPOB has never been frightened to submission and shall never fail to confront his vile. 

Biafra is sending a strong warning to this loose cannon called Buhari to restrain himself from using intimidation, Jihadism, fears, suppression, kidnapping and summary execution to stifle demand for Biafra exit from Nigeria because that won't yield any result for him. Instead of him to achieve his desired result he may open a cauldron that would melt everyone away.  

Let's also educated him that Self-determination is universal rights for every group. It's fundamental in nature that no human has the rights to subdue or enslave the other or group into slavery. Sad Buhari does not understand this natural law. Biafra is entitled to either remain as part of Nigeria or opt-out. Someone should educate Buhari that what Nnamdi Kanu is asking for is not a crime and Biafra determination to leave Nigeria is unstoppable not even Nnamdi Kanu can quench that thirst for freedom.

The surge in human rights violation by Buhari's govt and the manner of his governance is unknown in any advanced democratic society. Ironically Nigerians claimed they're practicing democracy, but it beats my imagination what kind of democracy where the presidency controls the three organs of govt?. 

Buhari's intolerant to diverse view has no place in the modern society. His approach to issues should be condemned and consign to mediaeval era. His despotic views are not accommodated anywhere and should be frown at by all in African soil at large.

His type should not even be a gate attendant in any govt house because he is unqualified if we consider daily interaction at that entering point. His inherent conquest heritage formed his tyranny.

More worrisome is his mental state is in question based on his inclination to take human lives. For a man who is stagnant in self-development to assume the affair of future generation is a grave danger to the world. 

Buhari's govt is about hooliganism, thuggery, Kidnapping, enforced disappearance and extra-judicial killings of oppositions especially Biafrans. In spite of this brutality, Biafrans has resolved to stand up against this prejudice. 

Africa has moved on and away from fascism, autocracy, oligarchy, dictatorship, totalitarianism and anarchy but Buhari is still dwelling in that era. He wants to set Islamic law over the circular constitution Nigeria claim to uphold, suppression of critics and opposition is his top agenda .These are aimed to silence those who are vocal before he moves to the second phase of his total repression and enthroned Fulani domination that will usher in sharia law as he vowed.

Kanu is not a terrorist neither is IPOB; Buhari must put down all his terror apparatus and stop wild goose chase because one can never kill an ideology with bullets. Biafra is an ideology ingrained in all Biafran; the earlier Nigeria govt realises this, the better for them so they can save the energy and resources they're wasting in seeking to maintain a failed project called Nigeria. 

Buhari should know perfectly that the freedom ship is sailing again after it anchored in 1970 for the captains to set the compass so the navigation to the freedom land will be unhindered by the turbulence waves that stopped it then. 

Nnamdi Kanu took charge of this ship, and IPOB on-board believes in the sailor that's the confidence that feeds their unwavering support despite the whirlwind hitting the ship to wreck but with the current tempo, this ship shall reach the shore of Biafra nation.

Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: EmmaNnaji
For Biafra Reporters


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