Obama and Buhari 

By Chima Onyekachi

There is an intense outcry from the Christian community in Nigeria over the visit of U.S Secretary of State, John Kerry, to only the northern part of Nigeria. The suspicion is even justified why reporters were not allowed in during Kerry's meeting with Buhari. 

The U.S Secretary of State held secret meetings with the Sultan of Sokoto Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, President Muhammadu Buhari and governors of northern states. 

Information made available to Chima Onyekachi revealed that the main reason Mr Kerry is because of the intense campaign for the restoration of Biafra and the destruction of oil facilities in the coastal area of Biafra land by Avengers. Note Chevron oil company has been heavily hit by these attacks so you should not surprise why American is worried. Mr Kerry was there for American interest, not for the good of Arewa nor Biafra. What necessitated this visit was to advise Buhari and his northern bigots to allow for the restructuring of Nigeria based on their Islamic terms.

John Kerry appealed to Nigerians to practice equality and tolerance to “overcome deep-seated ethnic and religious division.” Within 48hrs he left them, eight people burnt to death by the Islamic fanatics in Zamfara who claimed the victim committed blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad. We should also remember gruesome murder of Christian preachers in Kano, Abuja and Kaduna. The rampaging Fulani Herdsmen terrorists in the Eastern is on the increase and unchecked by the government. Boko Haram has the Shekau and Al-Barnawi factions that have pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda and ISIS respectively are advancing down south with deadlier warfare.

Barack Obama spearheads the emergence of Muhammadu Buhari to be President of Nigeria. He also frustrated the presidency of Goodluck Jonathan by blocking means he could have acquired weapons to wipe out Boko Haram under American law (Leahy's Law) that prohibits the sale of arms to a country's military indicted for violation of human rights in the course of their operations.

It's apparently depressing that the same US govt that applied Leahy's law during Jonathan period has shifted her position by lifting the restrictions as soon as Muhammadu Buhari was sworn-in. Is Obama saying that the violation of human rights by Nigeria military has stopped, and those indicted in the human rights reports has ben convicted and things suddenly got better?.  Nothing has change from Jonathan period to date rather the violations increased drastically.

Buhari has committed more crime than Jonathan control military, but The Obama administration equipped Buhari military within one year more than any other time in history. Within one year Buhari's human rights violation record and extra-judicial killing surpassed Military crimes overall during Jonathan 6 years in power. 

Under Buhari, more than 1000 unarmed Shiites brutally murdered. From 30th August 2015 to date more than 1000 unarmed peaceful Biafrans has been killed, many incarcerated without charges, enforced disappearance and summary execution is daily occurrence still Obama does not see any violation.

Under this intense orgy of violent against unarmed people, Buhari has been boosted by his lovely friend Barak Obama with more sophisticated weapons which include armoured personnel carrier and plans to ship fighter jets, helicopters and drones are fast meeting up. Can you deduce the source of this love for Buhari and the connection? They are in consensus to spread Islam, enslave Biafrans then finally enthrone their hidden agenda. Buhari is a puppet in the hand of USA; he will soon learn the hard way. Soon the honey shall be over then Obama, and Kerry will leave him to his humiliation.

The northerners have spoken strongly, against the call for the disintegration and even the restructuring of Nigeria, but are clandestinely implementing policies leading towards the Islamisation of Nigeria. Nigeria officially became an Islamic state in 1986, when the then head of state, Ibrahim Babangida, tampered with the secularity of the Nigerian state he registered the country into the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC). 

The emergence of an Islamic fundamentalist Buhari into power more impetus to the implementation of Islamisation agenda in the country.  Buhari had never hidden his disdain for Christians. In his speech in 2011 during an Islamic conference in Kaduna, he said, 

  • “God willing, I will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of Sharia in the entire Federation of Nigeria, I will continue to show openly and inside, the total commitment to the Sharia movement all over Nigeria.”  

His bigotry and sectionalism knows no limit. During his visit to USA few week after took office he was asked by a journalist how he will build an inclusive govt. 

He stated it would be fair to take care of 97% who voted and won't mind about the 5% who expressed their right to made their choice to vote his opponent. That bigotry and hatred are outright in action today. The 5% owns the resources that feed the 97% while the 5% are humiliated, killed, thrown into jail if they challenge the injustice.

Consequently, the introduction of Sharia law in Nigeria legal system is undergoing proceedings in the House of Representatives. The bill to amend the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to make sharia law applicable in Criminal law at the Federal and States legal system has passed the second reading in the House of Representative. It is noteworthy that the 1999 Constitution drew much more from both the 1979 and 1989 Constitutions and retained Sharia Personal law. Also, secret efforts are being made to give legal rights to Fulani Herdsmen terrorists access to grazing lands across Nigeria via the grazing bill in the National House of Assembly.

The Islamisation of the banking sector has deepened with the partnership of the Nigeria government and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB). Nigeria as a major financier of the bank has been assured by Buhari that the country will meet all its obligation to it within the shortest time possible. The Islamic Development Bank, through its President, Dr Ali Madani, said the bank would mobilise resources from Arab fund to assist the government and private investors. The IDB recently opened its office in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

It is no surprise that Black Rhino Group and Dangote Industries have announced a commitment, to invest jointly up to $10bn in a construction of a coal power plant and a solar energy project in Kano, as well as gas pipeline project from Akwa Ibom state to the refinery in Lagos funded by Dangote group. Black Rhino Group chairman is the Emir of Kano, Malam Muhammadu Sanusi II, and it is a portfolio company of Blackstone Energy Partners.

 The President in collaboration with the Northern governors has re-directed the Corporation to intensify its search for the liquid gold. 

While the quest for oil is still ongoing in the north, the Kaduna Refinery is being refitted to be able to process crude oil that will be imported from the Niger Republic and Chad, following the incessant attacks on the pipelines that feed the plant from Biafra land. 

The re-launch of War Against Indiscipline Brigade in Abuja by President Muhammadu Buhari is a subtle way of introducing ‘Hisbah’ to Nigerians. Hisbah is the practice of supervision of commercial guild and other secular affairs. Buhari is foisting the doctrine of Islam through the WAI Brigades; the Brigades will act as the ‘muhtasib’ whose duties according to the Quran is to keep everything in order according to sharia (Islamic law). The WAI Brigades will see to the supervision of behaviours and actions of Nigerians. 

Carefully consideration of the above it's clear that the Islamisation of Nigeria is in full gear and Biafrans are aware.

Chima Onyekachi writes for BiafraPost
For Biafra Reporters


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  1. Obama is a devilish animal who doesn't like the good of his fellow black, Barack Hussein Obama is a disgrace to my fellow black. He is mumu in black skin. Thunder will kill you soon

  2. The write-up is full of deception. John Kerry's visit has nothing to do with Islamization of Nigeria. You picked up factual events and muddled them up with lies in order to hoodwink people. If Biafra desires to run a healthy campaign for autonomy, it must be run on the basis of truth, integrity and boldness, not palpable lies and half truths. This is a trend we all find disgusting in present day Nigeria. we must not carry the same ugly pollution into the future. Once again, please stop this rumor mongering. It is a disease most sickening.