A reliable information available to Biafra reporters this morning 29th August 2016 said there was an assassination attempt on the life of Nnamdi Kanu, in Kuje prison. Unwarranted violence erupted in Kuje prison Abuja Nigeria, There was random gunshots and tear gas was fired into the cell rooms of the inmates.

The cause of the violence is not apparent at that time of filing this report, but the source said the jail wardens created an unnecessary scene, leading to a violent uproar, all in a bid to harm the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu. 

Biafrans all over the world believe this incident was orchestrated at the order of Buhari to target Nnamdi Kanu. 

Clearly this Incident pays credence to screams by the leadership of IPOB and Biafrans in general that Buhari is intensifying efforts to assassinate Nnamdi Kanu in disguise with the consent of British govt.

"They shot cannons of tear-gas into his cell room, in a bid to suffocate and snuff the life out of him", the report said.

However, in the wake of this dangerous occurrences, Biafrans are consistent in their demand for an unconditional release of Nnamdi Kanu which has fell on deaf ears. They at this moment placing the world on notice about plans to murder Nnamdi Kanu. They urge everyone to weigh the danger this will spell on Nigeria and the region if Nnamdi Kanu is allowed to die in Buhari's detention.

Radio Biafra also monitored this ugly situation as it unfolds during the morning broadcast anchored by Mazi Uche Mefor the Deputy Director, he said the ongoing disquiet in Kuje prison is Buhari's ploy to kill Nnamdi Kanu. That the British govt has a responsibility to prevail on Buhari to release Nnamdi Kanu who is a British citizen. 
"British govt have no justification not to protect her citizen. Their obligation to get him released should be implemented now because failure to do so urgently, shows they have given Buhari approval to murder their citizen in detention" he said.

Of course, Biafrans will hold British accountable if Nnamdi Kanu is killed in prison because severally they dismissed the demand for them to stand up to their responsibility under the UK law to protect its citizen at any time especially when a citizen has not offended the law. In this case, Nnamdi Kanu did not commit any crime; he does not deserve injustice against his person by Nigeria govt while the British watch.

His continued detention defiles every reason and its crime against humanity. It's a travesty of justice to hold someone for almost a year without a prove of the charges against the accused.Shameful to Nigerian court and her judges they allow an illiterate dictator to ridicule them and throw noble profession to the mud. Until this time they are still searching for evidence to convict Nnamdi Kanu; that is a laughable thing ever. 

Only in Nigeria is somebody accused and arrested without evidence, dump in prison without trial because there is no evidence to prosecute the accused. On their time the finding for evidence commences so they could indict the accused by any means.  This sound weird but that is how embarrassing Nigeria legal system operate. This similar tactic is applied to Nnamdi Kanu case, but it has backfired on them and exposed the lawlessness and disobedient to their laws. The little respect others countries had for them has been washed away. Nigeria image is tarnished forever.

Nigeria govt has no case against Nnamdi Kanu. Since 14th October 2015 he was unlawful arrested they have not been able to prove with evidence all the concocted charges against him, lack of proof drives frustration and desperation on Buhari and his allies to murder an innocent man. 

But all lovers of freedom, equity and justice are keenly watching the situation as it unfolds. Should they allow their ego and power, get them drunk not to flash back how tyrant usually ends let them dare the resolve of Indigenous people of Biafra. Biafran are not afraid to die but they are concern about the generations of those who supposed to speak and stand up against the inventor of this looming calamity that could consume all.   

 Biafra further echoed that the international community should urgently cut short the sinister Buhari is hatching to harm Nnamdi Kanu. We request they pressure him to release him because it's a potent danger to allow the situation to degenerate into regional or global crisis. The consequence of not taken action now will be dangerous because Biafrans will not be intimidated to succumb to injustice toward Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafrans incarcerated unlawfully. This warning must be taken seriously. 

Buhari and his allies fears, and desperation show they concede it's either Biafra is free or death!

By Biafra Reporters
Editor/Publisher: EmmaNnaji



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