By Ifeanyi Chijioke
August 29 2016

The Rio Olympics which was hijacked by Indigenous People of Biafra to propagate the restoration of Biafra and foster the release of their leader who was incarcerated since October last year; waving Biafra flag instead of the usual green and white; while a few Nigerian fans could not help it; they looked on as the passion for Biafra overshadowed the love for Nigerian team. 

Before the start of the game; Nigerian Anthem could not be played for the players as a result of the bad hard drive; a development that encouraged the Biafran people that had stormed the Stadium; they believed that not playing Nigerian Anthem was part of the support the world is giving Biafra.

The entire world that watched the Olympics must be asking which country owns the flag they saw being waved everywhere. With determination to be heard and their need granted; the people of Biafra kept their echo high; higher than that of Nigerian supporters club. 

The activists that stormed the stadium did not only end up with waving Biafra flag but approached the captain of the Nigerian side who is a Biafra and pleaded him to raise the Biafran flag in solidarity. Responding to their demand, the Chelsea midfielder said: “Biafra is an excellent idea”. The phrase was enough for the Biafrans who waited passionately for the moment he would lift the Biafran flag.

According to a report; it was gotten that Mikel Obi said that had he reached the final and won the gold; he would have raised the Biafran flag in solidarity but due to he finally settled for bronze; there was no room for peak jubilation or that moment that could have prompted the lifting of Biafran flag. 

Mikel is purely aware of the situation in Biafra and how his people are being murdered; despite the fact that he is not in a position to speak or react to any political issue; some close friends noted that he is not happy with the treatment of his people.

An unreliable source who talked to Ifeanyi Chijioke from Brazil confirmed that the poor handling of the team during the Olympics played a vital role in making him consider the Biafra activists. According to the source; it said that Mikel Obi was critical of the way the team was under-funded and him subsequently taking the responsibility of a country by giving out his money to the team was embarrassing. 

It noted that Mikel was of the view that the treatment of the team was an illustration of what formed the basis for the agitation by his people. That had the leaders in Nigeria taken the country dangerous without sucking it dry and avoiding corruption that his nation would not have started agitation. The source concluded by saying that all that was the reason behind him saying that “Biafra is an excellent idea”.

While Mikel could not get the gold and raise Biafran flag as it was anticipated by the Indigenous People of Biafra, yet the reaction of the entire team was enough evidence that everything was not alright. 

It would have been a remarkable thing that as the government refused to support them; had he raised the Biafran flag; it would have sent the message of discontent faster than the quitting of Samson Siasia and the Remonstration by his father. It is yet to be seen if Mikel Obi will represent Nigeria once more after the embarrassment given to him and his team.

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters 


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