Biafra flag on display

By Chinedu Godwin

In most cases, we have heard many people said the renewed clamour for Biafra sovereignty has no ideology, that it is more of an economic struggle. Recently Nigerian political space was inundated with calls from different sections advising for the return to true Federalism, and others demanding for the restructuring of shattered Nigeria. This new trend did not just occur out of the blue. 

We must acknowledge that the consequence of this calls is the result of the renewed call for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra catalysed by the excellent attitude and sincerity of purpose Mazi Nnamdi  Kanu brought into the movement. Many oppose this demand, but my question is when, how and where have the Biafran people been carried along politically and economic­ally since the contraption called Nigeria was criminally formed?

In 1970 pogrom and holocaust that begin in 1966 against the people of Biafra by Nigerian govt and her allies ended officially, the bullets and bombs went silent then commenced the psychological, economic and political war immediately aimed at destroying completely already battered people. Every Biafran received a paltry sum of £20 irrespective of the millions they had in their bank accounts. As that was not enough punishment, Biafrans assets in northern and western Nigeria were also confiscated under a rogue decree named "abandoned property policy" by the Nigeria govt to reduce them to destitutely and life of begging. 

With impunity, even the money allocated to restructure the affected area of the war (eastern region) was used to develop the north and Lagos. 

But little did they know that their strength and energy to go forth and achieve comes from their Chukwu Okike Abiama (God Almighty), and like the adage that says, "Whom God has blessed no man can curse". 

Today, with just twenty pounds Biafrans have built more than a multi-billion dollars economy.  These people within a decade become once more the economic power of Nigeria despite well-crafted economic strangulation against them. With Just £20 they have created Africa economic power house. With just twenty pounds, they have not only managed to survive but also surpassed their neighbours. With twenty pounds, they are still the rising sun of the black race.

The truth remains that their essence of being is channel towards God. How can they worship their God in the land of the dead? 
Nigeria represents death to them. They fought so hard to make Nigeria workable, but what they received in return is the massacre of her population without provocation.  Is that the kind of place anyone would wish to dwell?  That is the reason at this point, the Indigenous  People of Biafra have lost faith in Nigeria, of course, an expired product like Nigeria is expected to cause ill health or kill anyone who consumes it. Nigeria expired 31st Dec 2013. Biafrans says "No to expired product".

President Muhammadu Buhari is flying all over the world, both to the UN and EU pretending to be a human right activist, but in his country, he keeps on killing and kidnapping unarmed and peaceful people who are exercising their alienable right to self-determination guaranteed by international law. 

Recent attacks against unarmed Biafrans by Buhari has seen more than two thousand people murdered and buried in a secret mass graves across Nigeria. Many have been kidnapped and taken to an unknown destination while the international communities remain mute, watching this evil being carried out against Biafrans by the Buhari tyrannical govt.

Biafra Want to return to reclaim their land where they can serve their God in truth and spirit. Where their dreams shall be fulfilled, where they will not be targeted for extermination because of their ethnicity, religious or others values they may hold. 

To the current generation, Biafrans is not only an ideology to them but also their religion. Events surrounding the restoration movement shows this young men and women have developed a never given up the spirit and their readiness to die for what they believe is a huge threat to their enemies. 

According to Biafrans, I came across they said if death is what comes their way to restore Biafra they will oblige happily because life without a free Biafra worths nothing. That is the ideology I am talking about; you can kill the body, but can't destroy an ideology.

They live for God and Biafra, to die for her is an ultimate sacrifice every Biafran will love to make.

Chiukwu Okike Abiama blesses Biafra and blesses His servant Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

Chinedu Godwin writes for BiafraPost
Editor: EmmaNnaji
Publisher: EmmaNnaji


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