By Ifeanyi Chijioke
August 30 2016 

What are we still waiting for to save a free and peaceful people that have been subjected to unlawful treatment for thriving on the 2007 UN charter on the rights of Indigenous People? What other reports do we want before we take the needed action to saving humanity? What are we waiting for to compel Buhari to release a political prisoner and stop military action, secret execution, forceful disappearance or abduction of the people of Biafra? What are we still waiting for to act on the too many reports by Amnesty International? Will Amnesty continue to report until the whole people of Biafra are murdered before we act? A journey of million mile starts with a step and likewise will the murder of all Biafrans start with one murder? While Amnesty International has tried to report the few it can; it is overdue to trigger actions on defense of humanity.
I was opportune to see Amnesty staff in action; when they were investigating Biafra heroes’ day massacre in Anambra state. The male staff I met during that period was grounded, very firm and focused; he never wanted interferences and ready to get to the bottom of everything and leaving no stone unturned. He appeared more like a traveler; carrying his bag and record books, I suspected he had his cloths inside his bag because there will definitely be need to change. I had expected to see a neatly dressed staff in white suit and white pair of shoes but I saw a grounded man; entering where was not supposed to be entered and touching everything that was not supposed to be touched. I asked a young man that brought him to a certain hospital for him to see victims “How many days has he been for this job” the young guy replied “He has been here for the past two weeks” I was speechless and echoed “Just for humanity!” I nearly dragged attention to myself but I was quick to cover the astonishment.
I did not waste time to introduce myself to him and he said “I am sorry I cannot take political decisions”. He knew what I was going to complain to him; I attended the Heroes’ day in Nkpor and I saw men dying like animals. I was going to tell him to arrest Buhari or disarm Nigerian forces because Boko Haram is thriving and all armed groups in Nigeria beyond their reach while unarmed Biafrans receive everything. 

  • I needed to create the picture of how Biafrans were shot by a military formation; I was not born during Biafra war but I saw war when a peaceful protester next to me coldly fell on the ground without uttering a word and before I ran into a nearby building for safety; they have already dragged the shot protester like a hunter that killed an antelope into their truck. The Biafran that was telling me about how he would go back to school if Biafra comes had just been shot, and watching them drag his corpse into their truck; I could not help it as tears trickled down and I told my colleagues that I can’t cover the protest any more. I wanted the Amnesty International staff to know everything because to me, he is like an Angel sent to hear my remonstrations. Just with his utterance that he cannot take political decisions; I forced myself to let him know; at least he can tell those that can take political decisions.

Amnesty International is the most reliable human right institution with great influence; always on ground to get first hand information. “Be very careful and tell your people to be very careful; as many corpses I have seen were shot from the back; either running or shot unaware; they shoot them to kill and watch your back whenever you are on duty” that was the advice he gave me and I was weak; does it mean nobody will stop this ethnic cleansing on Biafra? Does it mean this will go on like this and no action to stopping it any time soon? I had expected some words like that he would make sure solution is found to stop the killing of Biafrans.
I have followed Amnesty International’s report on Biafra since last year and I found it imperative to ask today; has world authorities used the report of this reliable institution, take actions in defense of humanity? The work of Amnesty International is to bring to knowledge the challenges facing humanity in the box of right violation and denial of right to life. This much they have suffered to bring to the doors of the world what Biafrans are passing through; what has world authorities done to curtail inhumanity against humanity in Biafra. I am beginning to agree or align with the opinion of the section that says International Community will not save or act if you did not act or save yourself. In spite of these damning reports; relevant world authorities have taken no action and once more I wonder the foolishness behind being peaceful and lawful.
If Amnesty International could see this much and report; how much have we that are on ground seen? It is expected that the report of Amnesty International ought to have triggered action but the inaction among the relevant authorities only makes the world an abominable place. Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere but Biafra seems not to be part of the world. The people of Biafra are being forced to disappear, while Nnamdi Kanu has been illegally detained; the people of Biafra are being kidnapped and executed in ISIS like pattern. 

The people of Biafra have continued to remain peaceful despite the provocations and military action launched against them. Nnamdi Kanu has disciplined them that in spite of the increase of widows and widowers, orphans and destroyed families; they have continued to endure and waiting on the world to empathize- with them. It is therefore due to compel Nigeria to free Nnamdi Kanu and conduct referendum to end extra-judicial murder and genocide going on in Biafra.

Editor: Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters 


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