By Chinedu Adonu
Published On the Biafra Post 
June 1,2024 

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Friday, commended Biafrans, friends of Biafra, residents and lovers of Biafra freedom for total compliance in this year sit-at-home.

The program which has been slated to hold every 30th of May was to remember the killing of over 6million Biafrans Igbo during the 1967-1970 genocidal war.

This commendation was made in a statement signed and issued to journalists on Friday by the media and publicity secretary of the group, Comrade Emma Powerful.

He disclosed that this year’s Biafran Heroes and Heroines Day was very significant as important message has been sent to their adversaries that the illegal detention of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu does not deter the resoluteness of IPOB and Biafrans for its freedom.

The statement reads:

“IPOB leadership the DOS thanks IPOB members who mobilised Biafrans to sit-at-home in honor of our heroes and heroines. We equally thank those who contributed immensely to this year’s successful honoring of our Biafran heroes and heroines.

“We are thankful to  Biafrans in all the States of Biafra particularly in Abia, Anambra, Enugu, Imo, Ebonyi, Rivers, Cross River, Delta, Akwa Ibom states, the Biafrans clans of Edo State, Benue and Kogi States for compliance to the sit-at-home.

“We also congratulate Biafrans in diaspora who marched on the streets in raising awareness in their respective countries. IPOB Leaders congratulates IPOB Canada, India, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Indonesia, Malaysia,  Cambodia, Taiwan, Thailand, Italy, America, UK, Israel, South Korea, China, Gabon, Austria, Hong Kong, Spain, Norway,  Denmark,  Finland,  Germany,  Holland,  CzechRepublic,  Switzerland,  Sweden,Brazil, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Liberia, and many other European countries, Asia, American North and South, Australia, Africa and other unnamed countries.

“Bravo to IPOB, the biggest and greatest One Family. We salute well-meaning individuals who in no small way made this years Remembrance Day a very memorable one. We commend Market Union leaders, Transport owners association leaders, Church leaders, Educational institutions, market men and women and Transporters. Finally, we appreciate journalists who reported objectively on the level of compliance of Biafrans on this year’s Biafran Heroes Day.

“This year’s Biafran Heroes and Heroines Day is very significant. At least an important message has been sent to our adversaries that the illegal detention of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu does not deter the resoluteness of IPOB and Biafrans for our freedom. IPOB is a state actor that is fully in control of Biafra territory.

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“As we remember, our fallen heroes and heroines, including IPOB members who were killed by the murderous Nigeria government, we do so reverently. Our message to Nigeria is never will Biafrans be slaughtered unchallenged again. We shall continue to remember and honor our heroes and heroines who died in defense of our lives during the genocidal war of 1967-1970 against which was ocastrated by the British and Nigeria government.

“We remember those still paying the supreme and ultimately prize till date. We shall continue to remember them until Biafra comes and beyond. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB leadership (DOS) pledged never to disappoint Biafrans. We have come to restore Biafra and Biafra we must get.

“It is a time of introspection, a moment to consider the position of Biafrans in modern-day Nigeria and their relevance in the broader national context. Unfortunately, the issues that ultimately led to the Biafran genocidal war in 1967 still exist today.  The present Nigeria Government’s policies and persecution against Ndigbo have been x-rayed by continuous illegal detention of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

“The international kidnapping and unlawful detention of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is a replica of continuous persecution of Biafrans. The Nigerian government has dropped charges against a Fulani confirmed terrorist leader of Miyetti Allah militia and consequently freed him from DSS detention. Moreso, the Nigerian government has dropped charges against a Yoruba activist, Sunday Igboho, who called for Oduduwa Republic.

“In the same vein, the case against former presidential candidate Omoyele Sowore, who was arrested and charged with treason for calling Revolution in Nigeria, has been discontinued. Yet Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who is Igbo was kidnapped and extraordinarily renditioned from Kenya to Nigeria, still remains in detention against local and international laws.

“IPOB uses this moment of sober reflection to call on the Governors in Biafra Land, particularly the  South East Governors, to declare May 30th a public holiday to honor the Biafran fallen heroes from henceforth.

“The demand to honor the Biafran Heroes and Heroines with a public holiday is a just demand. Just like South West leaders pushed and immortalized MKO Abiola with June 12 as a Democracy Day and a public holiday, Ohaneze Ndigbo and Igbo Governors should be courageous enough to pursue the agenda to immortalize Biafra Heroes with a public holiday.

“Until then, IPOB has declared May 30th of every year as Biafra Heroes Day, which must be observed by Biafrans home and abroad. To all hardcore IPOB members, we salute your courage and resolutenes. We shall not retreat nor surrender until Biafra is fully restored”.



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