Written By Esiaba Chibuihe | [X - @EChibuihe] | Biafra Reporter | May 01, 2024

Before we proceed I must use this medium to once again educate our people and the Nigerian government about IPOB as a global peaceful movement. IPOB is a globally recognized freedom fighting movement with presence in over 100 countries of the world. It's command and control administrative structure runs from the office of the Supreme leader of the movement - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to the office of Directorate Of States (DOS), down to the Continental Reps., down to the State co-ordinators, down to District/Senatorial co-ordinators, down to L.G.A co-ordinators, down to the Zonal and unit co-ordinators and, now you have members.

IPOB has remained a well disciplined movement under this command structure, as well as Eastern Security Network. Every Biafran is an indigenous person to Biafra, yes, but not every Biafran is an IPOB member. For you to belong to IPOB/ESN, you must belong to a unit where you will swear an oath with your life to protect the backbone of this struggle which is the structure championing the liberation cause.

As an IPOB/ESN member, you can never take instructions/orders outside this command structure as concerns to this struggle.  These are the laid down structure that holds this great movement intact till tomorrow, as a Biafran by birth and you doesn't find yourself in any of these chain of command and structure, you are not part of IPOB as a global movement and can never speak on behalf of the liberation movement. IPOB has over ninety [90%] loyalists in each and every state that make up Biafra, i.e (Nigeria's Eastern region) territory. 

That IPOB is ever bold enough to demand the Biafran people's right to self-determination through a UN supervised referendum is because we have a strong and formidable structure of which we can mobilize our people in their millions in any given and shortest of time before the nose and bewilderment of Nigeria government. That IPOB has been able to win a countless honor of invitations and approvals to engage with International governments and organizations to push the Biafra agitation to global community is because of the level of discipline and tenacity we have exhibited over the years. And there's no sane group or government that won't like to partner or associate with a movement like IPOB.

In a true democratic setting (not all these Western hypocritically imposed democracy in Africa), it is only the people that decides their government because every genuine government is of the people and for the people. For Over a decade now, the Eastern region of Nigeria (Biafraland) has witnessed a whooping ninety [95%] loyalty and compliance to every directives and order or civil disobedience given by the leadership of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) even in the temporal absence and continued illegal persecution of the IPOB leader, - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. 

Biafrans have continued to build and strengthen their trust on the leadership and command and control of IPOB/ESN. IPOB leadership has climbed to a very powerful state actor in the Eastern region of Nigeria because the people has crowned IPOB as a tested and trusted movement to beacon their hope of survival and freedom. IPOB have proven itself worthy countless times in leading and fighting for the rights and interest of our people in Biafra land and beyond.

Before the establishment of Eastern Security Network [ESN] on December 12, 2020, our people were left to their fate with no pity from the Eastern Nigeria political class, leaving them at the mercies of the murderous Fulani terrorists who were on rampage across South East and S/South of Nigeria creation, kidnapping, raping our mothers, killing and dismembering the body parts of our people in our farms, bushes and forests. Our ancestral land were desolated by these marauding Fulani invaders.

The Northern Elders Forum (NEF), never for one day condemned the atrocities of these Fulani herdsmen unleashing mayhem against the Biafrans, rather they gave Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders 9f Nigeria [MACABAN], every support to descend on Ndi-Igbo and Biafrans at large, but today, the story has changed. IPOB/ ESN is now their new found headache because we have refused to let their foot soldiers overrun our land. 
The cries from Ndi-Igbo were given a deaf ears by Igbo politicians and religious leaders. IPOB being a movement championed by Biafrans has to take it upon herself to rekindle the lost hope of our people, which gave birth to the launch of IPOB's Eastern Security Network. A child of necessity.

IPOB has been the last-man standing in seeing for adequate security of lives and properties across South East and South South  as the Nigerian military and police has compromised on her duty and bow to the feet of these murderous Fulani invaders. This 2024, IPOB leadership has directed Biafrans to engage and invest massively into farming for our food security against the food insecurity caused by these murderous Fulani herdsmen sighting a great economic catastrophy that has befallen the Zoo called Nigeria.

As Ndi-Igbo is harkening to this agricultural sensitization campaign, these murderous terrorists Fulani herdsmen keeps flooding into the East of Nigeria with their cows destroying our peoples farm crops. We all saw what is happening at Nimbo in Uzo-Uwani of Enugwu state. Biafrans massacred in their own land, the supposedly governor of the state is so much afraid to mention the name Fulani terrorists parading as herdsmen as the perpetrators, but hellbent on giving out our ancestral lands to this same terrorists. Mana Chineke g'akpo ya oku n'oge n'adighi anya.

Only IPOB has what it takes and will continue confronting these monsters in our region.
Instead of Igbo politicians to back IPOB's Eastern Security Network in protecting our ancestral lands from these foreign jihadists land grabbers coming from Senegambia/Futa-Jalon region, you see the likes of Gov. Peter Mba and Gov Charles Chukwuma Soludo sending thousands of (repentant) Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria military uniforms to attack and disrupt the good selfless service ESN is doing for our people just to please the Sokoto caliphate. But, there must be consequences and accountability in due time, as no injury inflicted on this noble family will go unavenged and that is a promise. It doesn't matter who you think you are, just a question of time.

So, the Damnable Zoological Republic of Nigger-area nickname Nigeria, the proxy British imperial government in Aso Rock and DSS should note that no level of intimidations, harassments or persecutions will change the fact that IPOB remains a giant state actor in each and every territory that make up Biafra in the Eastern part of Nigger-area. If conscientious people around the globe and the Zoological Republic of Nigeria government are much interested on this single feat or to prove otherwise, then they should add their voices in seeing justice for the people of Biafra by allowing us exercise our rights to self-determination through a UN supervised referendum.

The earlier the Nigeria government acknowledge this simple truth, the better for everyone. As they know quite well that IPOB have outgrown the stage of using gun barrels to cajole this noble family, for we are ever ready to sacrifice anything sacrifice-able to make sure we kick out these British imperial and hegemonic chains of slavery on our neck for our people to have a true taste of freedom. Just as a comrade said, "If T’Chad can have the balls to kick US government out of their country, do they think it’s impossible for Biafrans to kick UK out of our territory"?
To every Biafran, IPOB is our last line of defense, and we must continue supporting ESN on ipob.org.

Ndewoo nu!

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
X-Handle: @NdubuisiEke07


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