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April 23, 2024

I read with dismay a statement credited to Northern Elders Forum  (NEF) raising concerns  and condemning the good work of Eastern security network  E.S.N in the south eastern  region known as Biafra land . And i started wondering are these really elders ?  What came to my mind is if they are really elders as they portray themselves , then they are more of conscienceless elders that promotes, sponsor  banditry, violence and terrorism  in Biafra land and all around the British contrapution called Nigeria using these marauding herdsmen  as their foot soldiers and the compromised Nigeria  security agencies as a cover up to their evil agenda  in destroying lives and properties of  Indigenious  people    as it is been witnessed in all part of  Nigeria  such as Jos, Benue , Ondo, Ogun  Enugu, Ebonyi etc . 

In as much as Biafran people will continue to agitate for a separate  nation out from unworkable union called  Nigeria which is our inalienable right to agitate , Biafrans people remains the most peaceful and accomodating   society devoid of ethic or religious   discrimination . 

But in our desire to achieve  peaceful cohesion in our land for healthy coexistence  irrespective of ones  enthic background we do not spare criminals ,and  we wish not to spare criminals in  our land just because the criminals are of a different tribe  in exchange for peaceful Nigeria .

If you are a criminal and you are a Biafran in Biafra land or outside Biafra land you will recieve equal condemnation and punishment as a criminal anywhere you are found or caught . The same treatment applies to  a fulani criminals in Biafra land  without apology to anyone concern . And that is exactly what eastern  sècurity network are doing , and they deserve praises , support even from northern elders rather than condemnation .

 The Hausa communities in Biafra land are living peacefully in all part of Biafra land carrying out their daily legitment business , without any sorts of harassment or molesation  just as Biafrans in order part of the Nigeria  wishes to enjoy same getsure  in other regions or state  including lagos , Abuja , Kano ,etc but opposite is the case , we are been hunted and our properties are being destroyed for ĵust being an igbo or Biafran . 

The criminalities and destructive tendercies   of herdsmen of fulani tribe in our farm land    bushes and forest  enforced the state assembly of eastern states in the south east region to enact anti open grazing law which same is presently in a full enforcement by Eastern Security Network  (ESN)  which is an  indigenous sponsored security vigilatee , 

They do not harrass innocent Hausa or fulani citizens  in Biafra land they only goes against the violator of anti open grazing law by driving them  out  and chasing out the cattles destroying our farmland which in the course of these action some cattles are being killed as  a serious warning to  the violators of anti open grazing law already in place . 

But it is unfortunate that the acclaimed northern  elders forum only sees the dead cattles  as offence  and are calling for a concern but keep  blind eyes in the  numerious reports of artrocities of fulani herdsmen in our farmland and forest ,  

The question Northern elders forum must not fail to answer is , should fulani not be punished for their crime in exchange for one Nigeria ?   If the answer  is yes then Nigeria must seize to exist .  Because as for IPOB  and Eastern  Security Network , fulanis will always pay dearly for their crime in our land .

Anyi Kings April 23,  2024 



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