Written by Esiaba Chibuihe | Biafra Reporter
April 03, 2024

As history maybe recalled, the Biafra genocide is the second worst genocide after the Jewish holocaust of Adolf Hitler's Nazi movement, but the world and the British government have decided to ignore the numerous calls made by Biafrans in demand for justice for the death of over 3.5million innocent women and children starved to death by the wicked Nigerìa/British governments of air, sea and land blockade against Biafra during the war of extermination as the Biafrans. 

Since the end of the Biafra genocide of 1967-1970, the British government (the crown) ruling class have tried all their possible best in making sure no one talks about Biafra again, in order to cover their heinous crime and the shameful role they played in the Biafra genocide they criminally termed Nigerìa/Biafra civil war and there's nothing civil about the genocidal war.

But has the war actually ended?

The answer is no. They said 'no victor, no vanquish', just to deceive Ndi Igbo to accept their fate as one Nigeria. But Biafrans continues to suffer the worst humiliations and marginalization in Nigeria since the war ended so in essence the war has not ended. Through the numerous policies the Hausa/Fulani hegemony and the Yoruba oligarchy put in place for the Biafrans during and after the war; you can start connecting the dots.

They sees Ndi Igbo as a conquered region. But the truth remains that the blood of these innocent victims of Biafra genocide, in the history of mankind continues to cry for justice; yet the world has chosen to remain silent over the Biafra affairs. IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has risen to demand justice for the victims of Biafra genocide. 

Instead of the British government to address the Biafra issue, they go on to uphold the unguarded speech made by the former British PM, Harold Wilson (1964-1970), which says; "The dead bodies of half a million Biafrans will not force the British government/crown to change her policies concerning the Nigerìan civil war, the Biafra Nation can not be allowed to be, for we do not trust what they will become with their vast resources around the Russians or the French".

This were the words of a former British prime minister simply because of the Biafra oil and gas they are stealing from Biafraland, in connivance with the Hausa/Fulani and the Yoruba oligarchy, they've condemned the Biafra race to death. 

As the spirits of the Biafran fallen heroes continues to cry for justice through IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, we can't proceed without reminding friends of Biafra and conscientious people around the globe the atrocities the British imperial government of Nigeria continues to perpetuate against the Biafrans for seeking our rights to self-determination which is a universal right.

IPOB as a global peaceful movement has remained on the line of peaceful agitations yet the Nigeria government in her criminality act hurriedly went to [in]-Justice Abdul Kafarati of the Abuja Federal High Court and obtained a black market oder tagging indigenous people a terrorist organization in our land in order to silence us forever from our quest of demanding for a referendum to be conducted.

Luckily enough for us, we have register our influence and our rights to self determination almost in every continent of the world despite the series of unwarranted provocative massacres of IPOB members by the Federal government of Nigeria since 2015 till date.

IPOB has suffered numerous state sponsored genocide including the Nkpor massacre, Emene massacre, Igweocha massacre, National High school Aba massacre, Afara-Ukwu Ibeku massacre when the zoological government of Nigeria came to the house and home town of our leader to terminate his life unjustly, but they failed, rather they ended up killing any living thing on sight including twenty eight (28) gallant Biafrans and a pet dog within and around the palace of late Eze Israel Okwu Kanu on the 14/9/2017.

From the trauma of events that took place at the palace of Eze Israel Okwu Kanu, our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu lost his both parents. This attempt on our leader's life made him flee the country for his dear life, but the British government never stopped at that, they went as far as kidnapping him in Kenya and forcibly extra ordinarily renditioned him to Nigeria after 8 days of torture in a secret confinement over there in Kenya. 

Despite all these years of provocative massacres endured by IPOB, we have refused to pick up arms against the Nigerìan state. The IPOB Head of Directorate of States Mazi Chika Edoziem has played a very vital role in seeing that there is less tension amongst the Igbo youths eargerness, readiness to go against the Nigerìan government and her establishments, Mazi Edoziem has been in the frontline in the fight against criminalities in Biafraland, but in return the Nigerìan defence headquarters has once again showcased their absolute stupidity and hatred against Ndi Igbo by declaring this gentleman and a peaceful leader wanted. Very laughable!!!

To our dear friend from the Russian government, Maria Zakharova, nothing will make the British government change their age long policies towards Africa except the Russian government comes in and go against/halting their interest in our land. The same way Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso forced France out of their land, is the same way IPOB will sooner than later force this Neo-colonialists and imperial British government out of our land. 

On this day 31/3/2023, a year ago, IPOB members gathered in Aba in demand for the Federal government of Nigeria to obey her Appellate court order cum judgement that discharged and acquitted the IPOB leader - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, but to our bewilderment the Zoological republic of Nigeria government as usual rolled out their terrorists in Army/Police uniforms to shoot live bullets on armless protesters at Azikiwe junction in Aba, Abia State.

This article was diligently written in HONOR & RESPECT to these gallant comrades we lost on these massacres, and to re-assure them and the spirits of these brave soldiers crying for justice that we will never betray this cause upon which we took an oath to never give up until JUSTICE prevails.

No amount of threat or death can stop IPOB from restoring a free sovereign and independent Biafra Nation. And to the Federal government of Nigeria, the global family of Indigenous People Of Biafra has made our stand very clear, ON THE COURT OF APPEAL JUDGEMENT of (13/10/22) WE STAND. Discharged and acquitted.

The unconditional release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu can't be over emphasized, it is obviously glaring before all and sundry that you being the saboteurs, agents of detractions, moles and Nigeria government can't destroy IPOB and ESN, not even your lies and propaganda could it/that happen. A UN supervised referendum to determine our destiny and future is all we asked for and nothing more from the table of Nigeria government and that we must get.


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