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March 25 2024 

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Monday , commiserated with the People of the Republic of Russia on the attack and murder of innocent citizens by suspected terrorists. 

Commiserating with Russia through its spokesperson, Emma Powerful, IPOB sent its condolences to the Russian families that lost their relatives on the unfortunate terrorist attack. 

IPOB reiterated that it stands against violent extremists and soulless individuals who attack unarmed civilians globally, even as it believes Russian Security intel to unravel the sponsors of the terrorists that attacked, injured, and murdered a large number of their civilians in cold blood. 

“If a sophisticated nation like Russian can be attacked either by the homegrown or foreign terrorists, it shows how dangerous terrorists and their sponsors can be. Therefore, Russia and their allies must double their efforts in eliminating the breeding grounds of the terrorists that may target them in the future,” it advised.

IPOB described Nigeria as one of the countries that has about four or more deadly suspected terrorist groups in the world, and that the groups include; ISWAP, Boko Haram, ANSARU, Fulani herdsmen, bandits, among others.

According to IPOB  these suspected terrorists are controlling some territories in the Northern Region of Nigeria while Nigerian government and military are there watching or either fed up with countering the terrorist activities. 

“These terrorists freely carry out mass abductions of school children while the government pays them millions of dollars as ransom to free their victims. In this way, these terrorists are emboldened and funded to coordinate and carry out continental and intercontinental terrorist attacks. 

“Unfortunately, Biafrans that have been victims of these terrorists’ attacks attempt to exit the terrorist infested Nigeria are either illegally detained. We are not even allowed to defend ourselves against the state sponsored terrorists. 

“The IPOB leadership formed the Eastern Security Network (ESN) to protect Biafrans against terrorists in our farmlands. But, the Nigeria government decided to proscribe IPOB for daring to protect Biafrans. Biafrans have, for many years, suffered terrorist attacks either from one of the above terrorists or from the Nigerian Security Forces,” it stated. 

The movement suggested to Russia that one of the easiest ways Russia and other nations can stop terrorist attacks against them is to put efforts in decolonization of Africa, particularly the Indigenous nations in Nigeria, adding that when Nigeria and other Africa countries are decolonized, terrorists and their sponsors will not have resources to fund their activities. 

“IPOB stands with Russia during this trying period and will support any actions taken to defend themselves against terrorists and their enablers,” it added.



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