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February 2, 2024 

President Tinubu while being pressured by France during the Niger saga, boycotted UK and their Northern caliphate at the behest of the French. Fulani's outcry over ECOWAS invading their "brothers" in Niger led to North's suspicion on Tinubu and his new France romance.


France using Tinubu and ECOWAS to replenish its depleted influence in West Africa while trampling on UK and US stakes in the region precisely in Nigeria - The West's Police in West Africa and the Head of ECOWAS, further infuriated a louder suspicion on both France and their newly found puppet and agent in the person of Mr. Tinubu and his Yoruba kinsmen, who are all occupying strategic positions in his government, alienating even the Northern cabals who played essential roles in his accession to the seat of power.


 The US and UK after also having helped in the installation of Tinubu as president, primarily by ensuring his Chicago certificate saga and the impending FBI's investigations never saw the light of the day, felt betrayed by his recent ignoring tilt towards the French.


Now, Tinubu in his bid to weaken the influence of Fulani's Sokoto caliphate in the North, decided to deploy the divide and rule tactics, by emboldening other ethnicities in the North especially the Kanuris in Borno against the Fulani hegemony in northern Nigeria. This, invariably vexed the northern cabals the more and solidified their suspicion about unclear plan by the Tinubu's administration to betray them.


Hence, the northern cabal hastened to strengthen cooperation with United Kingdom to teach Tinubu a bitter lesson, The Fulanis merged and unleashed her various ultranationalist militia under its control to ensure Nigeria is made ungovernable for Tinubu and then to accuse him of being incapable and liable to be impeached constitutionally or otherwise. This explains the rising insecurity, killings in North central region, Middle belt and now West.


The Fulani-ridden Nigerian Army leadership, disgruntled at the level of sabotage from Yoruba led Tinubu government, thus, colluded with the Sokoto caliphate, to intentionally turn a blind eye to the Fulani rampage going on in Christian Communities in the North, precisely, Plateau state.


On the wake of these incessant massacres of Christians, have Tinubu made any comments on it. No! Why? He knew those responsible and why the killings were being carried out, and he also understands he is not in control of the machinery to bring about drastic improvement on the security sphere in Nigeria.


Now, to send back a profound warning message to Fulani cabals following their plan of pursuing their ultranationalist goals in the North down towards the south. The Yorubas and the French amidst the growing disdain in two conflicting camps and as a justification for the underway plan to relocate key Federal institutions such as the Central Bank, FAAN etc from Abuja to Lagos, have unleashed terror attacks using ISIS, ISWAP, Herdsmen and Boko Haram to render Abuja desolate as a symbol of national authority and sovereignty. And to potentially make a case for the relocation of the capital to Lagos as well, citing security concerns.


Consequently, the Northern cabals, Northern Elders Forum, FUNAM movement, Miyetti Allah, Northern Youths and all pro-Fulani organizations rose up in unison over their perceived betrayal and sabotage from Tinubu. The stroke that apparently broke the camel's back is this relocation policy, it was unbearable for them.  It appears power is slipping off their hands in broad daylight without them being able to stop it, recall that it took them years of political and diplomatic efforts to bring up the Nigerian capital from Dodan barracks, Lagos to where it is presently located today, Aso Rock, Abuja.


Trails of threats from known and unknown pro-Fulani groups continues to mount. The Miyetti Allah Hore Katore, imminently and recently recalled her Fulani foot soldiers (killer herdsmen) for a massive redeployment and imminent jihad. Fulani State governors of the North agreed to rebrand these exclusively assembled terror combatants under a new banner of state sponsored/regional vigilante group with the aim of "ending banditry in the country." Although, the public would agree less with the idea, given the fact that it is the same Fulanis, are the direct orchestras of banditry in Nigeria.


In order to legitimize their plot and avoid excessive eyebrows being raised. The Northern Senators and Reps, especially of Fulani extraction, were incentivized to lobby for the passing of Fulani vigilante group into law in the various Parliaments. They argued that since they, Fulanis, majors in cattle rearing, it will be effective if they, (Fulanis) man the Nigerian paramilitary security wing charged with ending and combating the "farmer-herder clash"


 Seeing the looming danger ahead, certain Middle belt nationalities have been induced to rise up against this threat apparently by the deaths and destructions overtime perpetrated by the Fulanis, and also the sensitization by the IPOB movement about the "Fulanisation agenda" in full swing all over Nigeria.


Furthermore, president Tinubu also succeeded in getting a Miyetti Allah group Leader. And has refused to reconsider his national reforms/ relocation policy, even under heavy political, belligerent and diplomatic pressure from the North.


The Fulanis in furious response over the arrest and detention of the group's leader, considering it an act of defilement by the "infidel" government against the reputation of the Fulani Sokoto caliphate as well as it interests. And have recently intensify their terror attacks through their footsoldiers against Yoruba Indigenes in Western Nigeria.


 This explains the assassination of two Yoruba traditional rulers in Ekiti State and the kidnap of school children recently by Fulani herdsmen, amongst other Fulani terror campaigns against Yoruba Indigenes that goes bizarrely unreported by the Nigerian conventional media, which is dominated by the Yorubas.


The Fulanis have in time past, bragged of encircling Yoruba land, and it appears that they are demonstrating their capabilities to the Yorubas and given that the Nigeria security architecture has been deeply polarized by footsoldiers of the Fulanis, the Yoruba governors have reportedly asked Tinubu to revamp the Amotekun Vigilante group to combat the impending onslaught of the Fulanis against them.





Indices indicate, that Fulani will likely sustain their attacks on Yoruba soil and could possibly extend their terror campaign to Lagos, to try to frustrate the plans of rendering Abuja politically irrelevant by the Yorubas backed by the French.




Down towards the East, The Fulanis understands the existential obstacle facing them. They know their jihad has bounds and limits. The Eastern Security Network created and commanded by the IPOB movement and its Leadership is that stumbling rock.


They know that the ESN are more determined and cannot be distracted from securing of the East, unlike the regional state-government funded Amotekun of Yoruba land, which after its creation was rendered a "paper tiger" over political bargains.



This is the emboldening drive of the Fulanis over their impunity and inroads deep into Yoruba territories and forests and it is likely to continue.



However, while we analyze these events about current affairs in Nigeria and its trajectory, it is imperative to watch out for potential spoilers and surprises from unseen factors, that could change the texture of this whole fiasco. It is surely in the strategic interest of the East that the current happenings are perpetuated, as that would invariably decongest the hatred and vindictiveness being harbored against the Igbos by both the North and West of Nigeria, as well as their prospective Imperial backers from the West.




Meanwhile, while we do all these, there is cogent, urgent need to support our ESN. Just like Yoruba governors are soliciting for arms for their Amotekun, Biafrans, this is the time to jettison every differences and then collectively stand in support of the Eastern Security Network through the IPOB provided medium so as to enable them defensively wade off every attack that might come against our people and region in the near and distant future. The battle line has been long drawn.


And all regions are effectively on their own now. Let's be prepared!


Analysis By Oguwuike Kelechi Chukwuezi
Edited By Enenienwite Ikechukwu
For  Family Writers Press International




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