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February 18, 2024

The management of Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) have sufficiently displayed their failure and exploitation proclivity in the South East. While the company heavily charges the populace for their services, it consistently fails to provide a reliable supply of electricity, thereby plunging homes and businesses into darkness and distruction. People are forced to pay exorbitant bills for a service they rarely receive. This exploitation is not only unjust, but also stifles economic growth and development in the region.

The management of the EEDC, epitomized by Emeka Ofor is not only a failure but have come under fire for their apparent incompetence and lack of accountability. Ofor, who has a questionable track record in community affairs, seems ill-equipped to manage the complex challenges of providing electricity to an entire region. His managerial failures have only exacerbated the already dire situation faced by the people.

More unfortunate is the South East Governors' lack of will or ability to address the EEDC's failures, because they are all criminal minded leaders who pleasure on the proceeds of failure. Instead of holding the EEDC company accountable and seeking alternative solutions, these governors have allowed the status quo to persist. This inaction of the South East Governors hugely questions their commitment to the well-being of their states. So, it is time they takes decisive action and kick the EEDC out of the region, or force it give the society their agreed service.

The constitutional power now rests with the states to generate their own electricity, and it is imperative to exercise this power to provide a better alternative to the EEDC. The governors must prioritize the interests of the people over the interests of a failing company.

The EEDC's inability to provide sufficient and steady electricity supply to South East is a serious issue that demands immediate attention. The people of the South East deserves better than an epileptic electric service, and it is time for the darkness of EEDC to be replaced with light of progress and development for the region.

Written By Chima O. Biafra
Edited by Ogah C S Maduabuchi
For Family Writers Press International



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